Current Issue: Volume 2  23 January 2019

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Tips From Industry Experts

Bruce R. Wilkins

Today, it seems everyone is watching us. In the modern urban setting, there are more closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras recording life than ever thought possible one generation ago. The volume of information captured is creating a plethora of issues for cybersecurity professionals. These issues focus on capturing, storing and conducting analysis on CCTV video in real time. Read More >>

Combat AI Malware

Cybercriminals have turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to access large-scale data illegally. With the potential for AI to be weaponized, cybercriminals can use AI to automate their cybercrime processes and forge video to transform the meaning of evidence and truth. Read More >>


Vendor risk management (VRM) is increasingly critical to protecting organizations that outsource products and processes to vendors. VRM helps to protect the organization’s assets while maintaining efficiency. Organizations need to create a VRM program that can scale business growth and remain relevant despite the evolving risk landscape in order to be proactive. Read More >>

Engage Offers Ways to Learn, Network and Participate

ISACA’s new Engage portal offers opportunities to learn, network and participate at ISACA in a virtual environment. If you were part of ISACA’s online communities in the past, your discussion posts from the last year have migrated to the new platform. Have you updated your email preferences to stay up to date with the latest conversations? Read More >>

The Bank of Ghana Recommends ISACA Credentials for Cybersecurity Professionals

ISACA certifications are globally recognized and allow ISACA members to progress their careers, raise their earning potential and add value in their current positions. In October, the Bank of Ghana recognized ISACA certifications and certificates in its Cyber & Information Security Directive’s Enhanced Competency Framework (ECF) on Cybersecurity. Read More >>