Guidelines for Use of COBIT Copyrighted Content  


COBIT is a significant contribution to the professions served by ISACA, and its use should result in better governance and management of information and related technologies, as well as a higher level of trust in, and value from, information systems.

These COBIT Use guidelines are designed to encourage wide use and global adoption of COBIT while protecting the integrity of COBIT and ISACA’s intellectual property rights. Over the course of many years, ISACA has invested considerable resources, both financially and through the time/expertise of a global cadre of volunteer subject matter experts, into the ongoing development of COBIT guidance. These guidelines will help ensure that ISACA is well positioned to continue its support and enhancement of COBIT for many years to come—an outcome that will ultimately benefit individual users, the entities for which they work and the profession as a whole.

If you have any questions or need assistance with obtaining permissions or licenses, please contact ISACA’s Director of Intellectual Property at or by phone +1.847.660.5557.

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Information on COBIT licensing

General Principles

For the purpose of the following guidance, “COBIT” is defined as all publications belonging to the COBIT 5 family of products.

The use of the term “purchase” is intended to include both those who download COBIT for free from based on their ISACA member status as well as those who purchase COBIT.

In the limited cases below that permit sharing of COBIT content with other parties, full source attribution is required in the following format: name of publication, © year ISACA. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Please be advised that COBIT is protected by copyright under U.S. and other national/international laws. ISACA owns all rights, title and interest in COBIT.

Any use of COBIT that is not described herein is unauthorized, unless written permission or specific licensure has been secured from ISACA’s Director of Intellectual Property. Unauthorized uses include, for example: publically displaying (online or otherwise); copying; distributing; creating derivative works or inserting into, processing with, or displaying through any commercial or non-commercial product, including software. These uses will constitute copyright infringement and a violation of ISACA’s rights.

COBIT Trademark

You may use the word “COBIT” in marketing and promotion material, either in print or online, to truthfully describe products and services. The “COBIT” trademark may not be used in any product name, domain name, individual or enterprise certification/ certificate or to suggest sponsorship or affiliation with ISACA, without ISACA’s prior written permission which may be obtained from ISACA’s Director of Intellectual Property. The COBIT logo may not be used in marketing or promotional material, without prior written permission from ISACA.

Usage Guidelines—Permitted Uses and Restrictions

Individual Use

  • Each individual purchasing COBIT is allowed to use it for his/her own personal purposes, but is not authorized to provide copies to others, or to otherwise use COBIT except as detailed in these Guidelines or as permitted by ISACA.

Use Within an Enterprise

  • The use of COBIT within your enterprise requires a separate authorized copy of COBIT or license to use COBIT for each individual who participates in the implementation of and/or uses COBIT within your enterprise. Volume purchase discounts are available for enterprise purchases of COBIT 5 online. Enterprise use for COBIT 5 online is subject to certain terms and conditions.
  • An internal auditor or other employee who has purchased COBIT may provide a questionnaire based on COBIT to a business unit in preparation for an internal audit or review.
  • Providing COBIT training and education within the enterprise is permitted provided each attendee has a separate authorized copy of COBIT or license to use COBIT is or written permission from ISACA has otherwise been granted.

Providing Audit, Advisory and Consulting Services to External Clients

  • Use of COBIT is permitted for making presentations and proposals, and to develop software tools and other materials for the purpose of developing and delivering audit, advisory and consulting services.
  • Copies of COBIT and any of the tools, materials or output from the tools that contain more than 20% of COBIT content cannot be provided or sold to clients or prospective clients without permission or licensure from ISACA.
  • Each individual related to the development and delivery of COBIT-based services and products to the client is required to purchase his/her own copy of COBIT. Volume purchase discounts are available and an enterprise license is being evaluated. Contact the ISACA’s Director of Intellectual Property for more information on the potential of an enterprise license.

Commercial Training and Education Providers

  • ISACA accredits and provides licensure to individuals and organizations that provide COBIT training and education. This accreditation program offers many distinct benefits to participating trainers and for trainees alike. For more information on this opportunity contact the Director of Intellectual Property.
  • Use of COBIT for any training or education purposes is permitted where such use is licensed.

Commercial Software and Tool Developers

  • A license is required for the incorporation of COBIT into software sold or given to third parties.

Academic Institutions―Degree-granting Colleges and Universities

The use outlined in this section is limited to academic institutions that offer an education curriculum culminating in the achievement of an associate’s degree or higher.

  • Training that results in the award of a certificate or is a program that differs in scope as outlined above, falls under the “Training and Commercial Education Providers” section.
  • ISACA Academic Advocates may have special COBIT permissions. See more information on the Academic Advocate program.
  • Permissible uses would include reproducing and using up to 25% of COBIT with attribution for coursework or for academic research purposes. Permission may be given for the entire publication to qualified institutions upon request.
  • Permission to provide the entire COBIT publication on forums like Blackboard for a limited duration (semester) may be granted upon request to qualified institutions.
  • Creating derivatives (downloadable information, software, course packs, books or products) for public sale or to students requires permission or licensure.
  • Student membership is inexpensive and provides significant advantages in obtaining COBIT and many other valuable ISACA benefits, including research publications.
  • Special academic purchase discounts are available to students and instructors. Student members can easily buy online through the Bookstore, professors should contact the Bookstore at or by phone +1.847.660.5650.