Corporate Social Responsibility Program 


"There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life."

Mary Rose McGeady

ISACA’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is a formalized approach to giving designed to promote positive social and environmental change.

After more than two decades of growth, ISACA is fortunate to be in a strong position financially and reputationally, and to enjoy an expansive reach.

The association’s driving strategy—Strategy 2022—has an external focus that can be extended beyond the partnerships and new constituencies already under consideration to take in a broader view of “giving back” to the professions and the business environment itself. ISACA’s growth, higher profile and increased credibility have placed it on a global stage. The association has an opportunity to make a bold statement about its priorities beyond the activities specified by its mission.

What Is It?

CSR activities will fall into the following types, within two general categories—financial and nonfinancial:

Financial Activity

Support of a cause. These opportunities will be identified by:

  • Research and evaluation by the volunteer body overseeing the program and staff. There may be one large cause, or several smaller ones. They will most likely be ongoing efforts, rather than one-offs, and will represent a regular part of ISACA’s CSR program on an annual basis. See the criteria for support of a cause at the international level.

ISACA is pleased to announce the first two donations
Enactus logoin our new CSR program—

a global, not-for-profit organization that combines the skills and expertise of business leaders with the enthusiasm of students to build the next wave of entrepreneurs.

which helps bridge the digital divide by providing technology and expertise to underserved areas of the world.

  • Proposals from members, volunteer leaders, chapters and staff. These will be more opportunistic in nature, conducted on a one-off basis. Read the criteria that define what sorts of organizations and activities can be supported. The template for proposals can be accessed by the clicking on the button below. All proposals will be reviewed by the volunteer body to determine which ones to fund.

If you believe you may not be able to complete and submit the template in one session, please save the PDF template to your device before using it. In that way you can fill in the fields over multiple sessions and press the "Submit Form" button at the bottom when it is completed.
template for proposals



ISACA Pittsburgh Chapter receives funding!

ISACA Pune Chapter supports IT center of charitable institution!

Charitable donations (philanthropy) undertaken as the need arises (in the wake of natural or man-made disasters), as determined by the volunteer body.

Nonfinancial Activity

Consists of number of paid work hours per ISACA employee per year that can be spent on approved charitable activities.

Who Will Benefit?

Of course, the organizations receiving the monetary donations or work hours will be the primary beneficiaries of the program. But, others will benefit as well, including:

  • Members—Members seek more than products and services. They also wish to have a sense of pride in the association and the feeling of supporting and participating in something that brings benefit to the larger community or their local area.
  • Chapters—Chapters wish to engage member participation and enthusiasm. They hope to make it possible to provide benefit to their local area, and especially to inspire members as part of the process. (Many are already doing this, of course.)
  • Volunteers—Volunteers want to “give back” to the profession, and they do so via participating in ISACA volunteer bodies. While the existing bodies offer a professional outlet, the CSR program will provide a more personal outlet.
  • Staff—Like members, employees wish to have a sense of pride in the association and the feeling of supporting and engaging in something that brings benefit to the larger community.

What Is Next?

The program began in January 2014 and will operate for three years on a pilot basis to allow time for evaluation and revision as needed.

ISACA remains dedicated to its members and constituents around the world, and we hope you share our enthusiasm as we embark upon this journey of giving. Updates will be shared in the @ISACA newsletter and in ISACA’s social media forums. We encourage you to join us in the communities below.

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