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 CMMI Institute Announces Chinese version of CMMI Development V2.0 Release 

CMMI V2.0 Process Improvement Model and CMMI Center of Excellence in China will help enterprises drive business performance

CMMI 研究院CMMI 2.0 中文版发布

CMMI 2.0 版本流程改进模型和CMMI 中国卓越中心将帮助企业提升绩效

Beijing, 17 July 2018 — CMMI Institute has launched the Chinese language version of CMMI V2.0 Development, a globally recognized process improvement model of software, product and systems development best practices that will elevate organizational performance.

(2018 年7 月17 日,北京) — CMMI 研究院正式发布了CMMI 2.0 中文版。CMMI 2.0 版本 是一个全球公认的软件、产品和系统开发最佳实践过程改进模型,能够帮助组织提升绩效。

In addition, a newly established CMMI Center of Excellence in China will support CMMI Development V2.0, and future releases, and will work to advance emerging practices in software, services, data management and cybersecurity, serving Chinese organizations through education, consulting, assessments, benchmarking and research. CMMI Development V2.0 is the latest edition of CMMI Institute’s process improvement model for software, product and systems best practices.

与此同时, CMMI 中国卓越中心也宣布正式成立,该中心位于北京,将支持CMMI 2.0 版本和未来更多升级,致力于推动软件、业务、数据管理和网络安全的新兴实践,通过教育、咨询、评估、检测和研究为中国企业提供服务。CMMI 2.0 版本是CMMI 研究院针对软件、产品和系统最佳实践发布的最新过程改进模型。

Previous versions of CMMI are in use to assess and elevate performance by leading organizations and enterprises around the world, including thousands of organizations in China. CMMI Development V2.0 aims to adapt this proven method to the ever-changing technology landscape, with higher efficiency and ease of use to ensure today’s decision makers are best equipped to respond to new challenges and maximize performance.

CMMI 的较早版本已被用于评估和提升全球领先组织和企业的绩效,惠及数千家中国组织。CMMI 2.0 版本 让经过验证的方法能适应不断变化的技术环境,更高效易用,确保决策者更好地应对新挑战,最大限度提高业绩。

The CMMI V2.0 product suite includes the maturity model, adoption guidance, system and supporting tools, training, and certification and an appraisal method. And, like its predecessors, CMMI V2.0 leverages its five levels that represent a path of increasing capability maturity to improve business performance.

CMMI 2.0 版本产品包括成熟度模型、使用指南、系统与支持工具、培训、认证和评估方法。与前期版本一样,CMMI 2.0 版本用五个级别代表提高业务成熟度、提升绩效的途径。

CMMI Development V2.0 enables the following benefits:

  • Improve Business Performance
    • Business goals are tied directly to operations in order to drive measurable, improved performance against time, quality, budget, customer satisfaction and other key drivers.
  • Leverage Current Best Practices
    • The CMMI V2.0 is a trusted source of proven best practices that will be continuously updated on the new online platform to reflect changing business needs.
  • Build Agile Resiliency and Scale
    • Direct guidance on how to strengthen agile with Scrum project processes across the enterprise with a focus on performance.
  • Benchmark Capability and Performance
    • New performance-oriented appraisal method improves the reliability and consistency of benchmarking while reducing preparation time and life-cycle costs.
  • Accelerate Adoption
    • Online platform and adoption guidance make the benefits of CMMI more accessible than ever.

CMMI 2.0 版本具备以下优势:

  • 改善业务绩效
    • 业务目标直接与运营相关联,达到在时间、质量、预算、客户满意度和其他关键驱动因素方面实现可衡量的绩效提升。
  • 利用当前的最佳实践
    • CMMI 2.0 版本是经过验证的最佳实践的可靠来源,并会在新在线平台上持续更新,能够反映不断变化的业务需求。
  • 构建灵敏弹性和规模
    • 直接指导如何在整个企业以绩效为焦点,通过 Scrum 项目过程加强灵敏性。
  • 基准评估能力和绩效
    • 新的绩效导向评估方法提高了基准评估的可靠性和一致性,同时缩短了准备时间,降低了生命周期成本。
  • 加速采用
    • 通过在线平台和应用指南,更容易获得 CMMI 提供的帮助。

The announcement coincides with the TiD Quality Competitiveness Conference, an annual forum for China’s software industry, gathering experts from academia, industry associations, and enterprises to discuss software development advances and trends.

CMMI 2.0 版本的发布在中国软件行业著名年度峰会—“TiD 质量竞争力大会” 期间举行。大会汇集了学术界,行业协会和企业的专家,讨论软件开发的进展和趋势。

Presentations at the forum by Dan Torrens, CMMI Institute Chief Operating Officer; Kevin Schaaff, CMMI products and services principal engineer; and Hu Weijian, head of the Center of Excellence, will explore the new features of CMMI Development V2.0 and its practical applications and opportunities in a Chinese context.

在大会的论坛上, CMMI 研究院首席运营官邓诺(Dan Torrens )先生,CMMI 产品和服务首席工程师Kevin Schaaff 先生及北京卓越中心负责人胡伟健先生共同分享和探讨了CMMI 2.0 中文版的新功能在中国的应用与机遇。

“For more than 25 years, CMMI Institute has been helping organizations better understand their own processes and performance, identifying strengths and areas of improvement for improved performance,” said Dan Torrens. “By establishing this Center for Excellence in China, we hope to better understand and serve local organizations, helping the professional community build a culture of continuous improvement that will benefit their business and industries.”

“25 年来,CMMI 研究院一直在帮助机构更好地了解自己的流程控制和表现,挖掘优势并寻找提升点,优化绩效,”Dan Torrens 说,“ 通过中国卓越中心,CMMI 希望更好地理解和服务中国组织,帮助专业社群建设健康的、不断完善的文化,并推动整个行业的发展。”

“CMMI Institute has a very successful track record in China,” noted Hu Weijian. “Our model has been adopted by numerous leading Chinese enterprises, helping them improve business results and build their competitiveness in the global market. As China embarks on a critical new stage in its comprehensive digital transformation, and as more Chinese enterprises look to expand overseas, we believe our global offerings and best practices can play a key role in addressing these challenges and strengthening China’s technological capabilities.”

“ CMMI 研究院 在中国业绩斐然,” 胡伟健表示,“ 我们的模式已被许多中国的领先企业采用,不但帮助他们提升了绩效,还打造了全球市场中的竞争力。随着中国进入全面数字化转型的关键阶段, CMMI 研究院独有 的全球产品和最佳实践案例将进一步助力中国企业,在拓展海外业务、迎接挑战和技术提升方面发挥至关重要的作用。”

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