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 ISACA Data Finds that 85% of IT Professionals are Concerned About Secure Elections 

Survey finds that majority of respondents are not confident in the ability of the public sector to conduct secure, reliable and accurate elections

Schaumburg, IL, USA (5 November 2018) – On a global level, 85 percent of information and technology professionals surveyed by ISACA report that they are concerned about the ability of the public sector to conduct secure, reliable and accurate elections. Only 4 percent of respondents noted they are “not at all concerned” about the facilitation of elections. In the US, 86 percent are concerned, and only 2 percent are not at all concerned.

“While audit, governance, risk and information security professionals are charged with many important responsibilities, helping to solidify the data integrity of elections is among the most vital. In the US and around the world, fair and trustworthy elections are an indispensable component of free societies,” notes Rob Clyde, ISACA board chair. “Losing trust in the outcomes of elections would lead to a level of discord that would have a profoundly destabilizing impact.”

This data is a subset of ISACA’s 2018 Smart Cities Survey, which reveals the concerns that are top-of-mind to ISACA’s global professional community, and outlines the tools and techniques that can be implemented to put modern cities on a more secure and prosperous path. Protecting the overall data integrity of elections is an encompassing issue that affects the public and private sectors, in addition to current and future generations.

Additional commentary on election integrity can be found on the ISACA Now Blog, in addition to the full 2018 Smart Cities Survey.


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