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 ISACA Officially Launches Presence in Beijing 

Move brings global experience and expertise
 to support China’s digital transformation and its business technology workforce

Beijing, China (5 June 2018) — ISACA today formally opened its Beijing location, establishing the organization’s first local presence in Mainland China to share its business technology knowledge, expertise and experience with individuals and organizations in the region.

The Beijing facility will provide a base for the global organization to localize and expand its professional development, learning and credentialing offerings in technology audit and assurance; governance; risk; and information and cybersecurity. ISACA already has begun serving customers in China, particularly those in the banking and financial services sectors, as well as expanding active relationships with central and provincial government agencies.

ISACA’s subsidiary CMMI Institute is also housing a Center of Excellence at the new location. The CMMI model has been adopted by thousands of organizations across China. The CMMI Center of Excellence will seek to help organizations build enterprise capability to drive business performance and mitigate business risk. The CMMI Institute will be advancing emerging practices in software, services, data management and cybersecurity.

ISACA events today featured a presentation on ISACA’s “Guide to China’s Regulatory Cybersecurity Implementation Framework,” an in-depth look at the country’s latest cybersecurity policy and its implications for global enterprises. Developed by ISACA expert advisors in China, the white paper was released in March 2018.

Ceremonies also included remarks from Rob Clyde, ISACA incoming board chair, and from Matt Loeb, ISACA CEO.

“Establishing ISACA’s presence in China and supporting the professional community throughout the country marks a significant milestone in ISACA’s longstanding relationship with China,and puts us on track to make a real and measurable impact in one of the world’s largest economies,” said Loeb. “We believe our physical presence here, built upon ISACA’s nearly 50 years of experience and expertise, will support China en route to its digital transformation. At ISACA, we focus on providing a holistic solution of technology enablement to individuals as well as to organizations. China is at a critical stage of accelerating its tech-led economy, and we are honored to be able to support those efforts on the ground.”

“With the rapid development of China's social economy, especially the popularization of network information, IT industry has been developing rapidly in these years. In comparison, the development of IT industry's audit has lagged behind. Now, IT audits and risk appraisal will be carried out more frequently, and the links between cybersecurity and IT audits will become increasingly closer. The IT auditor and related resources are even more in short supply,” said by Prof. Chen Zhong, Vice President of China Software Industry Association.

He continued, “ISACA officially came to China offering a complete set of network IT audits solutions for our enterprises and IT industry practitioners to help to upgrade Chinese information management, control, security and audit professionalism. It is of far-reaching significance to constantly improve the industry norms of China's information security and IT risks; continuously improve the level of information security technologies; and build a solid information security shield for governments, enterprises, and organizations.”



Nearing its 50th year, ISACA ( is a global association helping individuals and enterprises achieve the positive potential of technology. Today’s world is powered by technology, and ISACA equips professionals with the knowledge, credentials, education and community to advance their careers and transform their organizations. ISACA leverages the expertise of its half-million engaged professionals in information and cyber security, governance, assurance, risk and innovation, as well as its enterprise performance subsidiary, CMMI Institute, to help advance innovation through technology. ISACA has a presence in more than 188 countries, including more than 215 chapters and offices in both the United States and China.




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