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 New COBIT 2019 Resources Help Organizations Design and Implement Tailored Governance Systems for Their Information and Technology 

Schaumburg, IL, USA (11 December 2018)—Following the launch of the COBIT 2019 framework last month, ISACA has published a Design Guide and an Implementation Guide to make the governance framework more practical, customizable and easier to use.

The new guides, available as free downloads for ISACA’s 135,000 members as well as for purchase by nonmembers, are:

  • COBIT 2019 Design Guide: Designing an Information and Technology Governance Solution—Offers how-to information to design a tailored governance system for organizations
  • COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide: Implementing and Optimizing an Information and Technology Governance Solution—Provides a roadmap for continuous governance improvement

The Implementation Guide is an update to the COBIT 5 Implementation Guide and incorporates the design factors. The Design Guide is a new offering that includes four steps to design a tailored governance system:

  1. Understand the context and strategy. This includes understanding the enterprise strategy, goals, risk profile, and current information- and technology-related challenges.
  2. Determine the initial scope of the governance system. This includes establishing governance and management priorities.
  3. Refine the scope of the governance system. This includes considering the threat landscape, compliance requirements, the role of IT, the technology adoption strategy, enterprise size and more.
  4. Resolve conflicts and conclude the governance system design. This includes resolving priority conflicts, adopting resolution strategies and sustaining the governance system.

“Every organization has its own priorities, risk profile, regulatory landscape and culture—and as a result, every organization has very different needs for the system that governs its information and technology,” said Dirk Steuperaert, lead developer of COBIT 2019. “COBIT’s Design Guide helps organizations tailor their governance systems to get the most value out of their I&T, which, aside from its people, are the most important assets an organization has.”

The Design Guide also provides a companion toolkit to help enterprises tailor the information for their use, as well as examples of how three organizations—a manufacturing enterprise, a medium-sized innovative company and a high-profile government agency—designed their governance systems.

ISACA, the global association for information and technology (I&T) audit, risk, governance and security professionals, released its first update to the COBIT framework in nearly seven years last month. The new version, COBIT 2019, provides comprehensive and practical guidance to help enterprises better govern and manage their information and technology. The COBIT framework is used by enterprises in all industries around the globe, and COBIT publications have been downloaded more than one million times.

The Design Guide and Implementation Guide join the two framework publications, available as free downloads to all:

  • COBIT 2019 Framework: Introduction and Methodology—Details governance principles, provides key concepts and examples, and lays out the structure of the overall framework, including the COBIT Core Model.
  • COBIT 2019 Framework: Governance and Management Objectives— Provides detailed description of the COBIT Core Model and its 40 governance/management objectives, which are defined and then matched up with the related process, enterprise goals, and governance and management practices.

COBIT 2019 training courses and certificate programs will be released in January and April 2019.

For more information about COBIT 2019 guidance, products and training, visit or view a webinar here or the Design Guide and Implementation Guide here.


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