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 ISACA Launches Resources for Building Security Awareness Campaigns Inspired by Marketing Principles 

Schaumburg, IL, USA (13 March 2019) — Many information security professionals struggle with developing and implementing security training and awareness programs within their organizations that actually make an impact and are measurable. ISACA, in partnership with Infosec recently released a white paper that provides guidance and clear tips for driving effective security awareness efforts, using techniques inspired by marketing principles.

The newly released Improving Security Awareness Using Marketing Techniques white paper walks through the current challenges faced by organizations' awareness campaigns—including lack of effective messaging, lack of engagement, and poor campaign design—and outlines how common marketing tactics can address some of these shortcomings.  

Improving Security Awareness Using Marketing Techniques provides professionals with details around some of these marketing tools that can be applied to security awareness campaigns, such as:

  • Using the “sales funnel” model to describe each step of the journey for a person learning about security best practices
  • Creating customer personas, by segmenting people within the organization in order to create targeted and tailored content to best reach them
  • Analyzing purchase intention to measure users' anticipated behavior in response to hypothetical security situations

Those planning their own security awareness activities can also read about the distinct phases of security awareness campaigns, including campaign planning, collateral creation (or adaptation), campaign execution and campaign management and tracking, as well as how to approach measuring performance by looking at metrics, such as reach, views/hits, completion, shares/likes, and interactivity. 

Additionally, professionals can reinforce this knowledge by listening to the webinar, Selling Security Sizzle: Marketing Tips for Training & Awareness, from ISACA and Infosec. Lisa Plaggermier, chief evangelist at Infosec, provides an overview of techniques that security professionals can use to persuade, train and "sell" employees on safe security behaviors. To access this webinar, click here.


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