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Val IT, based on COBIT,  is a comprehensive collection of proven management practices and techniques for investment in business change and innovation that addresses the governance of IT-enabled business investments.

About Val IT

Val IT helps organizations:

  • Identify where to invest for greatest operational or competitive gain
  • Establish methods of controlling investments and projects to ensure alignment with business goals
  • Develop business cases for investments and ensure the accountability and ownership of deliverables to ensure delivery against the business case
  • Evaluate, prioritize and select or reject new investments.

The Val IT framework fosters the partnership between IT and the other areas of the business. It also ensures that organizations are doing the right things the right way, doing them well and getting the benefits from them, helping them make better decisions on where to invest in business change.

The second edition of the Val IT framework, Val IT 2.0, extends beyond new investments to include IT services, assets and other resources, and aligns terminology with COBIT. It adds a Management Guidelines section, which defines Val IT processes and key management practices in greater detail, and maturity models for each Val IT domain.

Val IT is issued by the nonprofit, independent ISACA, a leading global provider of knowledge, certifications, community, advocacy and education on information systems assurance and security, enterprise governance of IT, and IT-related risk and compliance.

Val IT Materials

Val IT publications are available as complimentary downloads on the Val IT home page.

Val IT components include:

  • Enterprise Value: Governance of IT Investments—The Val IT Framework 2.0
  • Enterprise Value Governance of IT Investments—The Business Case Guide:  Using Val IT 2.0
  • Enterprise Value: Governance of IT Investments—Getting Started With Value Management
  • Enterprise Value:  Governance of IT Investments—Value Management Guidance for Assurance Professionals: Using Val IT 2.0

COBIT 5COBIT 5 Incorporates Val IT

The scope of the guidance provided in the Val IT framework has been incorporated into the latest thinking offered in COBIT 5. More information on COBIT 5 can be found at

Val IT Recognitions

  • The European Parliament used the Val IT framework to implement a multi-annual IT plan, prioritizing IT investments and business-as-usual work requests following solid, transparent, objective and widely accepted criteria, which are in line both with the IT strategy and with Parliament’s general long-term goals.

Val IT in the News

  • ComputerWeekly ~ In an article titled, “Security Zone: The ISO/IEC 38500 IT governance standard,” it is noted that ISACA’s Val IT helps quantify return on investment (ROI), January 2011
  • In a CIO article titled, “Think Tank:  Better IT Governance,” Val IT is stated to be “a sound framework which helps organisations ensure IT efforts are aligned and IT continues to deliver value.” May 2010
  • Computerworld UK examined using governance to navigate through troubled times, and states, “Many of these enterprises are using proven principles based value management processes and practices that can be found in the Val IT™ Framework from the IT Governance Institute (ITGI
  • "It's been certified in its use, and I'm most comfortable with that," Angelo Esposito, The ICW Group, said. "With the economy the way that it is, we can't afford to invest in something that hasn't been proven. The IT Governance Institute is very well respected, and we didn't want to be trailblazers." Source:  “Val IT: A little-known IT governance framework that may save you money,”, 30 April 2009.
  • CIO (New Zealand) states, “The Val IT framework provides a detailed road map for education and implementation," in an article titled, “Toward the business governance of IT.” January 2009
  • “Guidance for implementing IT governance based on COBIT and Val IT is provided by the IT Governance Institute as a publication for members and at low cost for non-members. It will guide the organization through the processes…” Source:  “IT Governance: Taking It from the Top,” ITBusinessEdge, 22 February 2008.
  • “Up until recent times, there has been no clear framework to report on, monitor and measure the potential success or failures of IT investments. During April 2006, the IT Governance Institute released the first documents of their VAL IT (achieving the value from IT), a global initiative aimed at responding to the need for organisations to optimise real value from IT investments and address key management practices for three processes: Value Governance, Portfolio Management and Investment Management.” Source: Jamaica Observer, 14 August 2006.
  • “Val IT has the backing of IT organisations such as IBM, HP and Fujitsu as well as business heavyweights such as KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.” Source: Computerworld New Zealand, 8 June 2006.


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