Enhance Your Network. Join an ISACA Volunteer Body. 


Contribute to the imaginative thinking and leading-edge resources of the IT industry by sharing your knowledge and skills.

Participants in ISACA’s volunteer bodies support other members and ISACA education and certification programs, conferences, research, online resources, professional standards and infrastructures. They also drive the creation and maintenance of products, services and benefits for ISACA members and constituents.

ISACA volunteer bodies focus on the association's operational areas, such as:

  • Membership     
  • Certification      
  • Education     
  • Research      
  • Governance

ISACA Volunteer Bodies

Volunteers and their respective volunteer bodies help ensure that members and constituents receive the high-quality resources they have come to expect from ISACA.

Visit the Boards and Committees page for a summary of volunteer bodies. There you will find links to more detailed information about each group's membership, objectives and activities, as well as the criteria, commitments and opportunities available for new volunteers.

ISACA volunteer bodies may require in-person meetings, usually at ISACA Headquarters. Please consider this when stating your desired areas to volunteer and ensure that you will be able to acquire a visa to the U.S. prior to applying.


Volunteer Agreement Information

To be certain ISACA has the ability to develop and share intellectual property generated across the spectrum of ISACA’s many volunteer entities, ISACA has incorporated two agreements as part of its volunteer program.

Certification and research-related volunteer bodies require that participants complete an IP Waiver, signed off by an authorized representative of their organization.

The participation agreement, IP Waiver and FAQs can be viewed under Volunteer Information on the right column of this page. Please take this into consideration when applying.

For more information, contact membership@isaca.org.