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Topic Leader Opportunities in ISACA’s Knowledge Center

ISACA’s Knowledge Center is a meeting place for IT professionals who share common professional interests. Participants can find information on a number of topics, supported by publications, articles, events, links and news, and network with ISACA’s global membership through community discussions.

Topic leaders are integral to the success of ISACA’s communities. As a community topic leader, you are one of four subject matter experts associated with the community. On average, the role of topic leader requires approximately two hours per week. Responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the community by welcoming new members, promoting the value of community membership and acting as a sounding board for ideas
  • Participating in the community by fostering new ideas for discussion and sharing relevant content
  • Maintaining and growing the community by assisting with identifying and removing objectionable material, and ensuring content posted by members is relevant and valid
  • Liaising with ISACA staff

For an application and more information, please visit the ISACA Topic Leader web page.

ISACA Exam Development Opportunities

ISACA has the following opportunity to contribute to the development of certification exams:

Writing Exam Items

ISACA encourages certified subject matter experts to write items for possible use on future exams. Earn an honorarium and 2 CPE’s for each item accepted. To learn more about the exam item writing process and how to contribute, visit, or email us at

ISACA Study Materials Development Opportunities

ISACA has the following opportunities to contribute to the development of quality study materials and resources:

Item Writing for Study Materials

ISACA enlists the input and knowledge of our constituents to create new study questions, answers and explanations for each certification. Members and other constituents submit high-quality items that, if accepted, become part of the Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manuals and Databases. If you would like to contribute, please visit

Review Manual Development

The certification review manuals are the result of the collective efforts of many volunteers.  If you have earned an ISACA certification and would like to contribute to the profession, please email us at

Study Materials Translation Reviews

Assist in validating the translation of:

  • Review Manuals
  • QAE Manuals 

For more information on how to participate, please contact Antonio Salzano, ISACA's Translation Manager, at 

Social Media Opportunities

ISACA has the following opportunities available to support our social media activities.

Join Our Social Media Groups
The larger our groups grow, the richer the discussions become. Consider joining ISACA in our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube channels.

Join ISACA’s Social Media Advocates Group
Help distribute social media messaging related to ISACA and the IT field by joining our Social Media Advocates Group. Each week, members of the group receive an email with ideas for social media posts. Members can choose to post one/some of these messages in their social media platforms, helping ISACA reach new audiences.

Contribute to the ISACA Now Blog
The ISACA Now Blog hosts a wide range of contributors examining a variety of topics of interest to our global audience of business and information technology professionals. We invite you to contribute your perspective and earn CPE hours while doing so.

For more information on the above opportunities, please email

Publication Opportunities

ISACA has the following opportunities currently available to assist within the following areas related to publications.

Become an ISACA Journal Author
ISACA encourages the submission of articles to the ISACA Journal. As you consider a Journal article submission, please consider the following:

  • Review the current Journal editorial calendar to determine which upcoming issue of the Journal is most appropriate for your topic and areas of interest.
  • Review the Journal’s submission guidelines. All Journal article submissions undergo a peer review; authors will be informed of the results of the peer review as they are available.
  • When writing, keep the readers in mind. Remember that while the readers are a sophisticated audience, both in technical training and in education, they are also busy. Be concise when expressing ideas, and use subheads to break up the text and make skimming easier. Follow a journalistic style. Provide details that illustrate the position expressed in the article and follow a logical progression of ideas.

Become an ISACA Journal Article Reviewer
Join the Journal review team and help to ensure the continued high quality of one of ISACA’s leading member benefits. As a Journal article reviewer, you will:

  • Review manuscripts provided to you by the Journal editorial team based on your areas of interest and expertise.
  • Critique 6-12 articles a year, providing your honest, critical assessment of the manuscript. Analyze the strengths and weakness of the paper, provide suggestions for improvement and clearly state what needs to be done to raise the level of the article. Ensure that the article addresses issues of interest or importance to the Journal’s readership.
  • Clearly express your decision and recommendation on the suitability of the article for the Journal.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all submitted articles’ content, substance and feedback provided.

Become a COBIT Focus Article (Case Study) Author
Are you a COBIT user? Share your experiences with other COBIT users and help to grow the COBIT community. COBIT Focus articles should be practical case studies of your experiences with COBIT. As a COBIT Focus author, you are encouraged to lead the way in your article, bringing your own voice to the topic and relying heavily on your own experiences. As you consider a COBIT Focus article submission, please:

  • Contact for submission guidelines
  • Develop and send in a case study article based on your experience using COBIT.
  • Ensure that your article is practice-based and takes a case-study-like approach.

Become an @ISACA Article Reviewer
Help to ensure the high quality of external submissions to the @ISACA newsletter (e.g., Tips column submissions). As an article reviewer, you will:

  • Review short technical articles on a variety of IT-related topics provided to you by the @ISACA editorial team.
  • Provide, in a timely manner, a constructive review with recommendations for improvement.

Become an @ISACA Tips columnist
Share your industry knowledge and ability to concisely provide that information via the written word as a regular contributor to @ISACA. The Tips columns are a regular installment in each issue of @ISACA. Tips columnists are determined in July or August for the upcoming calendar year, and a schedule is provided to each columnist. If an opportunity arises during the course of the year we will be certain to contact you. Tips columnists write on a rotational basis, contributing 5-6 columns a year. We are looking for columnists with a sound voice in their area of expertise. As a Tips columnist, you will:

  • Provide timely and helpful information to stimulate interest in a particular subject matter.
  • Give the @ISACA audience information that will benefit them in a way they can understand.
  • Choose topics that are timely, unique and relevant to the industry.
  • Meet deadlines and observe the rules of good writing, while matching the more casual tone of @ISACA.

If you are interested in assisting with the above publication related items, please contact