Global Affairs 


ISACA is the leading global advocate for information systems security and cybersecurity, audit, assurance, risk, privacy and governance professionals. This includes working with government and advocacy groups to:

  • Develop, share and serve as a trusted source of knowledge, standards, networking and career development
  • Support and assist in the development of government and regulatory frameworks and guidance aimed at addressing significant business issues and trends
  • Demonstrate how ISACA members and certified professionals contributed to organizational success

Regulatory and Legislative Involvement

ISACA uses subject matter experts to provide input into various regulatory and legislative issues impacting the profession and that further the mission of the organization. Our work is done on a global scale. Please contact the public affairs team if you are interested in participating or have a guidance or piece of legislation you’d like to see ISACA provide comments on as an organization.


There is great strength in working together and sharing. ISACA collaborates with other professional non-profit and standard setting organizations to address and respond to issues of mutual importance, provide professional guidance and to offer training and professional development opportunities. Such cooperation is aimed at both a global and local level. If you are interested in exploring opportunities to collaborate with ISACA, please contact the public affairs team.

Global Partnerships

ISACA is focused on identifying, building and advancing institutional partnerships and relationships with a wide range of external entities that will ensure that ISACA and its partners have broader reach, impact and influence worldwide. If you are interested in exploring innovative new partnerships with ISACA, please contact Shannon Donohue, ISACA Futures.


The SheLeadsTech program aims to increase the representation of women in technology leadership roles and the tech workforce. To learn more about the program and how you can participate, visit

Advocacy Resources & Publications

ISACA offers guidance and resources that are beneficial and accessible to anyone within an enterprise, regardless if they are an ISACA member or not.

GDPR Resources

ISACA is already acknowledged as a global thought leader in the information risk, governance and security space, providing relevant guidance and internationally recognized certifications. This, together with ISACA’s strong European presence, means that ISACA is ideally positioned to provide practical and pragmatic guidance to assist organizations to prepare for the requirements of GDPR, particularly in the areas of privacy by design, appropriate security protection and the role of the Data Protection Officer.


To suggest other potential Government or Regulatory activities involving ISACA please contact:

Tara Wisniewski
SVP of Global Affairs