Service Integration and Management - coming of age?

SIAM certification

Recently, I witnessed an interesting webcast by Scopism, an UK-based consulting and training company. They announced the publication of the SIAM(c) Foundation Body of Knowledge, available for free through their website 

Service Integration and Management or SIAM has been around for a number of years and has been characterised by non-standard, vendor-driven approaches, typical for a profession, which needs to find and deserve its place amongst the ever-growing hype-driven acronyms of the IT industry. And yet, the business case for SIAM seems simple and clear enough: provide coordination and orchestration in the IT services portfolio for an enterprise, where multiple internal and external service providers each deliver a part of the overal ('end-2end' services). It is something ITIL does not provide you and Cobit does not focus on. So where neither model / set of principles have stepped up, it became likely that another initiative would happen.

Scopism will work with Exin to develop a certification program, which means you probably will be able to do a SIAM foundational exam later this year. 

The foundational body of knowledge is a good introduction to the field of SIAM with clear descriptions and definitions. In my opinion, it provides exactly what it is called: a foundation, well-worth reading for anyone who has not been introduces to the subject. Professionals that have worked in service integration led ecosystems will not find a lot of new insights, although they may find it useful as a checklist, e.g. for implementing a SIAM function. Scopism have announced that they will publish a more advanced SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge next year.

I think this is good initiative which will help the generic market acceptance of this complex profession. 

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