Enterprise Architecture and Business-IT Alignment

Importance of Strategic Planning/Alignment

Ina fast changing world of business and relentless competition, strategicplanning is not only critical, but also the differentiating factor for anorganization. Since IT has moved from a supportive role to a more strategicrole, the IT Strategic Planning and Business Objectives need to be inbi-directional alignment – IT must respond to changing business objectives, andbusiness executives need to be aware of their IT capabilities. Both StrategicPlanning and Alignment are at the core of ISACA Governance Framework.Considering the importance of the area, ISACA has established the DiscussionTopic for “StrategicPlanning/Alignment.” The purpose of the topic is to establish a platformwhere the interested community as a whole engages to share the experience andlessons learned by the topic members in their respective organizations. It willalso be the place where relevant resources and new ideas will be shared withthe members for their use and discussion. As the topic leader, Ienthusiastically and cordially invite you to join the ISACA Discussion Groupfor “StrategicPlanning/Alignment.” The practice, methodologies and frameworks forStrategic Planning/Alignment as we all know today is the result of contributionof many individuals. The Discussion Group not only provides us a platform todiscuss this knowledge base as we have applied it in our organizations, butalso to share our experiences, lessons learned, and our own techniques for themutual benefit of the whole community. I am looking forward to welcome you tothe ISACA Discussion Group for “StrategicPlanning/Alignment.”

Dr. Shahid Ali (Topic Leader)
CGEIT, ITIL Expert, PMP, CISSP, TOGAF 9 Certified
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