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Agile Strategic Planning/Alignment

Agile technique in software development has been around for quite some time. There have been efforts to adopt the agile techniques for strategic planning, alignment and execution. Following are some of the relevant articles/blog posts in this area. The topic is being discussion in Knowledge Center Topic for Strategic Planning/Alignment. Thanks.

Toward Agile Strategic Planning: http://blog.sei.cmu.edu/post.cfm/toward-agile-strategic-planning

How Strategic Management Processes Can Imitate Agile and Scrum: http://www.scrumalliance.org/community/articles/2013/december/how-strategic-management-processes-can-imitate-agi

A call for agile strategy development: http://www.forward-intelligence.com/index.php/blog/2013/08/call-agile-strategy-development

Dr. Shahid Ali (Topic Leader: Strategic Planning/Alignment)
CGEIT, ITIL Expert, PMP, CISSP, TOGAF 9 Certified

Topic Link: http://www.isaca.org/Groups/Professional-English/strategic-planningalignment/Pages/overview.aspx

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