COBIT 5 - effective adoption

Integrate COBIT 5 process to simplify

How do you achieve effectiveness or simple integrated approach during implementation of COBIT 5.

By selecting required COBIT 5 processes combination to achieve organization requirement and align as per regulations and standards.

i.e. to implement Enterprise Risk Management and ensuring integrity , We combine EDM 03 - Risk Management, EDM 05 - Stakeholder Transparency, APO 12 - Manage Risk, APO 13 - Manage Security and APO 04 - Manage Information.

In order to achieve desired outcome it is must to understand the business drivers ; for example organization wants to make there operation activity easier by eliminating complicated procedure and ensure security through transparent process and effective technology.

Once you identify the drivers, then we should establish or identify, align right goals.
Based on those goals the process has to identified and combined to develop customized framework for the organization.
During the implementation of framework respective regions regulations and required standards should be aligned to ensure compliance which becomes natural business drivers.
The success of the implementation lies in the identification of right combination of process to support business drivers and goal cascading into desired results.
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