Dragan on Security

Let's begin (or continue)

My previous blog under name "Dragan on Security" was at location: http://conwex.info/blog/. It was active from August 28, 2005 to October 3, 2012. By beginning of 2017 it is moved to new location http://www.dragan-pleskonjic.com/blog/.

With possibility to have blog on ISACA portal, my plan is to use opportunity and write some of posts here. Focus will be, at beginning, on areas of my professional research and work. One of areas will be current research and development focus: Intelligent Predictive Security (INPRESEC) in which I'm exploring the paradigm shift in Information Security and Privacy with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Other areas will be Application and Software Security, Network Security and similar.

Information which may be useful: my colleagues and I provided set of our books free of charge in PDF format at location: http://dragan-pleskonjic.com/books/. Books are in Serbian language. 

You also can visit my:
  • Personal web site: http://www.dragan-pleskonjic.com/ 
  • LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/draganpleskonjic/
  • Google scholar profile: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=_gjXlV4AAAAJ&hl=en
  • Follow me on Twitter: @DPleskonjic i.e. https://twitter.com/DPleskonjic 
  • B92 VIP blog: blog.b92.net/blog/10675/Dragan-Pleskonjic/
Thanks to ISACA for providing this opportunity.
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