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INPRESEC (Intelligent Predictive Security)

Information Security and Privacy is hot issue at present time. Number of security breaches is rapidly increasing. 

In case of late detection, costs of breaches are skyrocketing. In the same time Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) are fast growing areas. Applications of AI & ML are becoming more and more used to solve different problems which can't be solved with other approaches in adequate way.

Long time ago, I initiated research and development project (kind of hobby) to explore the paradigm shift in Information Security and Privacy with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This project is now called INPRESEC (Intelligent Predictive Security).

Our INPRESEC team developed a solution that predicts, prevents and detects security threats and attacks before they actually affect the live system. The solution utilizes AI and ML, predictive analytics, and threat intelligence with a specific approach developed by the team with decades of combined experience in scientific research, academia and professional experience in enterprise security, AI and ML (patent applications in progress).

If you are interested in to learn more about this project, feel free to contact me. You'll find details on my personal website: 

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