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Redundancy for what?

When you think about your company information security, a greatest image come into your mind:

* if my storage device crashed;
* if my flashcopy in other storage device crashed too;
* if my backup tape was in flame;
* if my archive data was missed;
* if my second datacenter is under the water;

Well what can i do, about this? The obvious, I start the entire datacenter operation in my cloud service, and we ready to go!

In fact, before this, I will be forced to pray to all saints that I know and told to all: Great, the Murphy(*) guy was be in hell and who of yours goes to inside the hell and retrieve that guy of there?

Seriously now, look! Information security is not a lotery ou match of lucky. This is one of those things that we means survival. If the company depend that Information Technology resources are working perfectly to operate your entire business and the guys get their heads in the clouds, the result is that the company's operation will stop and the business will break.

Oh, you think it only happens to your neighbor, but with you ever? So, keep praying to the saints.

(*) Major Edward Alvar Murphy Jr.
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