Special Offers 




The products, services and training events listed below are being advertised by 3rd parties.  ISACA South Africa does not endorse or vouch for the contents or the quality of these items.




We currently do not feature any special offers. Check back regularly!





Terms and conditions for advertising Special Offers 


  • All ISACA members are offered a discount for the event.
  • The offer will not be displayed if the event is competing / conflicting with an ISACA chapter event.
  • The offer will only be published on our website under the “special offers” section. 
  • A notification will only go out to all of our members for offers of a 15% discount or more.
  • The only information of the offer that we provide will be the 1) name of the product/service/event, 2) the amount being discounted, and 3) a link to the advertisers website. There will be no further descriptions, no contact details, no logos or images, etc.
  • Only reputable products and services are put on offer to ISACA members.  One of our chapter board directors will need to validate the credibility of the training course by attending it.
  • The general public should not be able to receive a similar discount, as this negates it being a special offer available only to ISACA members.