CIO Strategy for Mobile Security 

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Is your enterprise equipped with an effective mobile device policy?

  • Is your enterprise ready to handle new technology and possible threats?
  • How can you enable business through mobility while simultaneously protecting information assets?

Mobile computing devices have become a critical tool in today’s networked world. Enterprises and individuals alike rely on mobile devices to remain reachable when away from the office or home. While mobile devices have facilitated increased convenience for individuals as well as the potential for increased productivity in the workplace, these benefits are not without risks.

Mobile devices have been, and continue to be, a source of various types of security incidents. These stem from issues such as device loss, malware and external breaches. As the availability of human resources and systems continues to be critical to society and business operations, it stands to reason that mobile device usage will continue to escalate as will the features these devices offer. It is, therefore, imperative that proper risk management be applied and security controls implemented to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks associated with such devices.

The COBIT 5 framework can easily be used to address the current trends driving the increased need for IT governance including; the explosive growth of mobile devices, increasingly autonomous employees and business units, vocal public demands for data privacy and growing threats to data security. Other factors relate to proper knowledge of roles and responsibilities, in addition to involvement by all stakeholders including legal counsel, IT, HR, operations, business unit leaders, security (corporate, IT, physical and executive protection) and internal audit.


Did you know? 315: the number of new mobile vulnerabilities in 2011.

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