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The Victorian Protective Data Security Framework and COBIT 5

By Syed Salman, CISA

COBIT Focus | 9 July 2018

Syed Salman The amount of data being produced, processed, communicated and stored is larger than ever before. Most people are well aware that information about them is typically held by a variety of organizations ranging from governments to private organizations. The information can be personal in nature, which individuals would not want to have disclosed to others without their express consent. Unfortunately, private and personal data of individuals have been compromised on many occasions. Furthermore, recent revelations regarding major social media service providers has made many of their users concerned about how their personal data are being used. Read More >>

Tips for Making COBIT 5 Implementation Fit the Enterprise

By Rohit Banerjee

COBIT Focus | 25 June 2018

Rohit Banerjee Implementing COBIT 5 in an organization is an ambitious aspiration and a noteworthy endeavor. It demonstrates the maturity, willingness and commitment to improve. However, practical implementation challenges are often daunting and numerous. While the COBIT 5 framework and the COBIT 5 Implementation guide, along with several other references, do provide a very solid foundation on which to build... Read More >>

GEIT Framework at Work, Part 2: Plan the Solution

By Peter C. Tessin

COBIT Focus | 11 June 2018

This article is the second in a 6-part series that looks at the practical application of a governance of enterprise IT (GEIT) framework. This article focuses on planning the resolution of the issue identified in part 1. In part 1, the issue identified was a reliance on controls identified and designed by management without involving anyone responsible for looking at the control portfolio from the enterprise perspective. Read More >>