COBIT 5 Accreditation 


The right business framework can help organizations align stakeholder needs, enhance communication, improve decision making ultimately enabling business goals. Look for ISACA’s new COBIT 5 training programs to learn the true power of a business framework.

COBIT 5 Accreditation

To facilitate COBIT 5 training globally, ISACA has partnered with APMG International-- the leading Examination Institute that accredits training and consulting organizations, and manages certification schemes for professionals - to develop a COBIT 5 training and accreditation program.

Why Get Accredited?

Accreditation provides a codified approach for training organizations and individuals interested in becoming licensed to deliver COBIT 5 training and exams.

Benefit from the following:

  • Promotion on the ISACA web site and exposure to more than 115,000 constituents
  • Licensed use of intellectual property
  • A seamless process for administering training and exams globally

Trainers and training organizations must be approved, accredited and licensed by APMG before they can deliver COBIT 5 training and examinations.

How to Get Accredited

Any training organization or individual who wants to deliver COBIT 5 courses and exams should follow the simple instructions below to initiate the accreditation process:

  • Email the Service Desk at APMG International to request an application
  • Submit the application to APMG
    Please note: once you submit your application, APMG will assign you to a local operational office that will be your primary point of contact to coordinate accreditation, assist with exam bookings and answer any queries.
  • Once your application is accepted, you will begin the accreditation program

To learn more about COBIT 5 Accreditation or for additional information, visit APMG International or view the COBIT 5 accreditation FAQs.