COBIT 5 Training & Accreditation 


The right business framework can help organizations align stakeholder needs, enhance communication, improve decision making ultimately enabling business goals. Look for ISACA’s COBIT 5 training programs to learn the true power of a business framework.

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Get Trained in COBIT 5

ISACA offers a wide variety of COBIT training opportunities designed to fit your unique requirements for subject matter and learning style.

COBIT 5 Classroom Training

Look for the COBIT 5 accreditation badge for the most credible, valuable and trustworthy COBIT 5 training available.

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COBIT 5 On-Site Training

Bring the training to you! ISACA offers a variety of customizable COBIT courses designed to maximize results and minimize expenses.

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Looking for COBIT 4.1 Training?

Commercial training companies and individuals have licensed COBIT content from ISACA as the basis for the development and delivery of their own courseware. As licensees of COBIT for training purposes, these organizations are helping to advance the awareness and understanding of COBIT around the world.

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Be a COBIT 5 Trainer

Accreditation provides a codified approach for training organizations and individuals interested in becoming licensed to deliver COBIT 5 training and exams.

Benefit from the following:

  • Promotion on the ISACA web site and exposure to more than 110,000 constituents
  • Licensed use of intellectual property
  • A seamless process for administering training and exams globally

Trainers and training organizations must be approved, accredited and licensed by APMG before they can deliver COBIT 5 training and examinations.

How to Get Accredited

Any training organization or individual who wants to deliver COBIT 5 courses and exams should follow the simple instructions below to initiate the accreditation process:

  • Email the Service Desk at APMG International to request an application
  • Submit the application to APMG
    Please note: once you submit your application, APMG will assign you to a local operational office that will be your primary point of contact to coordinate accreditation, assist with exam bookings and answer any queries.
  • Once your application is accepted, you will begin the accreditation program

To learn more about COBIT 5 Accreditation or for additional information, visit APMG International or view the COBIT 5 accreditation FAQs.