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COBIT Focus, 16 January 2017
Developing Business Capabilities Using COBIT 5
To execute your strategy, you need to build business capabilities. In order to ensure a business will be successful in the future, an organization must understand how it defines success and must know if it has the capability today to do better or to do more to achieve this success. Read More >>

COBIT Focus, 3 January 2017
Setting the Record Straight: Convincing Management of COBIT’s Value in Risk Management
Although COBIT remains an extremely valuable tool for IT risk management, many Latin American companies still find themselves slightly confused when trying to understand what it takes to carry out a complete or partial COBIT implementation. Read More >>

COBIT Focus, 19 December 2016
Using COBIT for IT Organizational Design
The organizational structure of an IT department is usually the result of a series of changes, trials, experiments and political manipulations. It is often adjusted to suit or accommodate individuals. Read More >>

COBIT Focus, 5 December 2016
COBIT 5 Mapping Exercise for Establishing Enterprise IT Strategy
In recent years, (as demonstrated in my previous article titled “ISO/IEC 27001 Process Mapping to COBIT 4.1 to Derive a Balanced Scorecard for IT Governance”), the balanced scorecard (BSC) has been applied to enterprise IT and... Read More >>

COBIT Focus, 28 November 2016
COBIT 5: Creating Buy-in and Empowering Teams to Change
It is an inescapable fact that IT is changing the way organizations do business. There is a global emphasis on “digital transformation,” which means that IT is increasingly becoming a critical enabler to realizing business value. Read More >>


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International Media Coverage

CSO, 26 August 2016
Measuring security

Measuring security is sort of like measuring happiness. How do you compare your happiness with someone else’s? Read More >>

Security Intelligence, 12 August 2016
A Risk-Driven Approach to Security, From Check Boxes to Risk Management Frameworks

Most industries are under regulatory pressure, so they take a compliance-driven approach to security to meet minimum requirements. Read More >>

The Guardian, 29 July 2016
Electronic fraud: Banks focus on COBIT certification
Having completed the certification of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) version 3.1, the latest security measure aimed at ... Read More >>

Infosecurity, 30 June 2016
A Day in the Life of an IT Pro: Back to basics
IT pros, our time has come; 2016 is the year of cybersecurity. A recent report from Cisco reveals that there will be one million cybersecurity job vacancies this year. Read More >>

IT-Online, 23 September 2015
The cost of poor IT governance
The business could be the loser if companies fail to invest in service governance. Read More >>

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