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COBIT Focus, 23 April 2014
DuPont Drives Continuous Improvement With COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model
Over time, business has increasingly advanced the application of IT to meet ever-changing business needs and regulatory requirements. Read More

COBIT Focus, 23 April 2014
Is COBIT 5 Process Implementation a Wicked Problem?
Extremely complex problems such as environmental degradation, obesity, climate change, indigenous inclusion, terrorism, poverty and religious conflicts are often called wicked problems. Read More

COBIT Focus, 23 April 2014
Strategic Planning Using COBIT 5
Strategic planning is an important component of strategic business management. It results in long-term planning for and future direction of an enterprise at a strategic level. Read More

@ISACA, 26 March 2014
New Knowledge Center Community Topic: COBIT 5 Assessment
COBIT 5 Assessment joins 2 other COBIT 5 topics in the Knowledge Center: COBIT 5—Use It Effectively and COBIT 5 Implementation. Read More

@ISACA, 26 March 2014
New COBIT-related Audit Programs Available
It is becoming increasingly important for assurance professionals to be able to deliver solutions and services in a cost-effective manner, comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and communicate with stakeholders effectively. Read More


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International Media Coverage

ZDNet, 6 March 2014
IT security governance: Boards must act
Implementing an effective information security governance framework with the right leadership structure is not an easy task, but failing to do so could mean the difference between a contained crisis and a devastating catastrophe when things go wrong. Read More, 13 February 2014
Ramp Up Your IT Governance Model for IoT
Privacy and security risks posed by the Internet of Things (IOT) is increasingly becoming a challenge for IT pros managing online transactions and relationships. Read More

CIO (German), 10 January 2014
Zehn Wahrheiten zu COBIT 5
Mit ISO/IEC 38500 abgestimmt. Read More

CIO, 16 December 2013
What you need to do to innovate

Tips for making innovation work inside your organisation. Read More

Plexent, 13 November 2013
COBIT 5 – Much More Than An Incremental Improvement!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again! I LOVE COBIT - and even more so since COBIT 5 was released early in 2012. Read More

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