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ISACA Articles

COBIT Focus, 25 July 2016
An Appropriate Approach for Program and Project Management
One of the challenges of IT management is how to manage and deliver transformation projects on time, on budget, in compliance with the quality standards, while achieving the business’s requirements. Read More >>

COBIT Focus, 18 July 2016
Creating Value
In COBIT 5, we are taught that enterprises exist to create value for their stakeholders. A truism if ever there was one. Consequently, every enterprise will have value creation as an objective. Read More >>

COBIT Focus, 5 July 2016
Transforming Risk Culture Through Organizational Culture Leveraging COBIT 5 for Risk
The point has been made again and again and, as per the Forcepoint 2016 Global Threat Report, humans are still the weakest link in security. It is, therefore, essential that information security professionals acknowledge and address this problem. Read More >>

COBIT Focus, 20 June 2016
Improving Business With COBIT 5
Benefits realization of IT-enabled investments is a strategic imperative. In a 2008 study on benefits realization, researchers found that in the majority of enterprises surveyed (57%), less than half of the change initiatives undertaken delivered the expected business benefits. Read More >>

COBIT Focus, 13 June 2016
Root Cause Analysis
Buried in COBIT 5 processes such as APO11 Manage quality and APO12 Manage risk in the Align, Plan and Organize (APO) domain, you will find a root cause analysis (RCA) as an output of the management practices. Read More >>


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International Media Coverage

IT-Online, 23 September 2015
The cost of poor IT governance
The business could be the loser if companies fail to invest in service governance. Read More >>

TechTarget, 10 September 2015
Shape mobility plans with the COBIT 5 framework

The COBIT 5 framework helps IT organizations bring online new enterprise platforms like mobility without compromising data security and control. Read More >>

Firstpost, 20 May 2015
Banking on IT Governance: Benefits and Practices

The metamorphosis of the banking sector is a shinning illustration of IT enabled growth and technology powered amalgamation of banking services. Read More >>

CERTmag, 9 January 2015
ISACA’s COBIT 5 conference to teach principles of IT governance
No matter how large or small your enterprise, there is a need for a way to confirm that the enterprises IT function preserves its goals and objectives. This is where COBIT 5 can help. Read More >>

TIPA, 30 September 2014
ISACA Automates Cobit 5 Process
Mobile Devices Can Access Governance Framework

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