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Five Steps for Effective Auditing of IT Risk Management Using ISACA’s IT Risk Management Audit/Assurance Program

By Alexander Obraztsov, CISA, CISSP, PMP

COBIT Focus | 10 June 2019

With the increasing complexity of IT systems and their widespread implementation in virtually all spheres of life (e.g., medicine, banking, manufacturing, education), managing IT risk effectively becomes extremely challenging. In the most IT-mature industries, regulators already expect organizations to have mature IT risk management programs operating at the first and second lines of defense and providing holistic coverage of all possible IT risk. On top of that, IT risk management programs must be well documented, sustainable, aligned with the overall enterprise risk management framework and closely supervised by executive management. Failure to design and manage effective IT risk management functions could result in exposure to material business risk, inadequate prioritization of risk remediation efforts and the excessive cost for IT risk mitigation. Regular internal audit reviews of IT risk management constitute the third line of defense, keep the first and second lines fit and healthy, and prevent typical slip ups in the IT risk management program. Read More >>

Governing Digital Transformation Using COBIT 2019
An Ehealth Case Study

By Aqel M. Aqel

COBIT Focus | 20 May 2019

Many countries have launched ehealth initiatives as a response to public-sector transformation. It is one of the business sectors impacted by the vertical digitization movement that has become the trend in the last decade along with eeducation, ebanking, egovernment and more. A key indicator that summarizes ehealth maturity could be the centralized health records and access to patients’ medical histories anytime and anywhere. Read More >>

Tips for Implementing COBIT in a Continuously Changing Environment

By José Ángel Peña Ibarra

COBIT Focus | 29 April 2019

There is a new term coined here: “COBITIAN.” It describes professionals who love COBIT and are excited and happy for the evolution to COBIT 2019, including its new governance and management objectives, design factors, and focus areas concepts. After many years training and helping organizations address governance and management issues... Read More >>