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Once a candidate has passed the CGEIT certification exam and has met the work experience requirements, the final step is to complete the application for certification.

Special Note Regarding Application: Please read

Obtain the CGEIT Application

Important Notice

Note that there is a required US $50 processing fee for applying for certification. To create your online order and pay for the application processing fee, visit

For those taking and passing the December 2012 exam and prior:

  Printable application

  Download application (543K)

  View the 2008-2012 CGEIT job practice domains

  Request an application (sent in postal mail)

For those taking and passing the June 2013 exam and later:

Download application (430K)

Please see FAQs for additional guidance on requirements for CGEIT certification.

Please note: There are no waivers or substitutions for CGEIT experience. Decisions on applications are not final as there is an appeal process for certification application denials. Inquiries regarding denials of certification can be sent to

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Special Note Regarding Application

The format of ISACA’s CGEIT applications for certification has changed effective July 2011. The applications are now task-based (not narrative based). The format is similar to other ISACA Certification applications. Both the online and PDF downloads of the application reflect the new format. Certification requirements were not affected by the format of the application.

As part of the new process and to ensure proper oversight, the CGEIT Certification Committee will randomly select CGEIT applications and request a narrative explanation of the work experience from the applicant. Such a narrative would then be required in order to fully process the corresponding application. If selected, the candidate will be notified via email.

Note: The older, narrative based application will continue to be accepted.