Meet Garry York, CISM 


ISACA viewed the following tweet from Garry York of Weston super Mare, England: "I am now a Certified Information Security Manager.”

The ISACA team asked Garry, a data-security manager with Britain’s Vehicle & Operator Services Agency, to describe his motivation and the process of getting certified.

“I applied for CISM as I wanted to demonstrate my competence in the field of information security management and governance. I was seeking to demonstrate to the business that it can have confidence that my team and I know what we are doing.

CISM will help my career because it will show potential future employers that I have had my skill set benchmarked against the industry standard. They can be assured that ISACA, as an international professional organization, has awarded me CISM status, thereby ratifying both my level of my knowledge and my skills and experience.

Prior to my exam I undertook a four-day course, which gave me an insight into the exam and the sort of questions that would be asked. This was invaluable and I do not think there can be any substitute for taking as many sample questions as possible. Often there is, maybe, one word in the question with a subtle nuance that can make a difference to the answer. Only by going through as many questions as possible does this become apparent.

The two months between the exam and the result seemed like a long time. When the email arrived, I opened it a bit nervously and was delighted to find that I had passed.

Having passed the exam, it was a little frustrating not to be able to use the CISM initials right away, but I understand that my experience had to be assessed. And I now enjoy using those initials after my name—Garry York, CISM.”

ISACA congratulates Garry and all of our newly certified members.