Prepare for the Exam 


Useful information on preparing fo the CISM exam, including prep resources, certification job practice, terminiology, a glossary, study materials and review courses in your area.

ISACA Exam Candidate Guide

The ISACA Exam Candidate Guide includes candidate information about exam registration, dates and deadlines, and provides important key candidate details for exam-day administration. We encourage all exam candidates to review the information contained in this guide to familiarize themselves with the key exam dates and deadlines, and exam-day rules.

Continuous Testing Exams




Job Practice Area

A job practice serves as the basis for the exam and the experience requirements to earn the CISM certification. This job practice consists of task and knowledge statements, organized by domains.

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Online Review Course

The CISM Online Review Course is an online preparation course that prepares learners to pass the CISM certification exam using proven instructional design techniques and interactive activities.

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training Courses

This easy-to-use web-based training connects you from anywhere to lectures, demonstrations and hand-on instruction.

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Study Materials

ISACA has prepared a variety of study resources in various languages to fully prepare for your CISM Exam. These include primary references, publications, articles, the ISACA Journal and other links.

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On-Site Chapter Review Courses

ISACA chapters in numerous countries offer CISM Review courses. View the Review Course list to determine if there is a course in your area, or contact your local chapter for additional courses.

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Exam Preparation Community

ISACA created the exam preparation community as a place for current exam registrants to collaborate and study with other registrants within the ISACA environment.

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Terminology Lists

Each of the links below provide a listing of technical terms in English — along with how they will appear on the exam in each other language offered. We hope that CISM candidates find this tool helpful when studying for the exam.

  Japanese (4483K)

  Korean (430K)

  Spanish (199K)