CRISC Item Writing Program 


Details and Requirements of the CRISC Item Writing Program

Participants are required to read the CRISC Item Development Guide and participate in two item writing training sessions by:

  • Viewing The Basics of Item Writing webcast by Wednesday, 24 April, 2013.
  • Participating in a live one-hour webinar focused on CRISC-specific item writing on one of two dates offered (Thursday, 25 April or Friday, 26 April, 2013).

After viewing the training webcast and attending the live webinar, participants are required to submit a total of 20 items, submitted in batches as follows:

  • The first batch of 5 items is due on Friday, 3 May. ISACA staff will review these items within one week and provide applicable feedback.
  • The second batch of 5 items is due on Monday, 20 May. Participants should apply any applicable feedback from the first batch when writing these items. Again, ISACA staff will review these items within one week and provide appropriate feedback.
  • The final 10 items are due on Friday, 21 June. Participants should also apply feedback from the first two submissions. Feedback on these items will NOT be returned to item writers prior to the actual workshop.


Approximately 7-10 days prior to the workshop meeting, participants will be assigned to a subgroup for item review at the workshop, and will receive a file containing items selected for review by that particular subgroup. Participants will not be reviewing their own items.

During the live workshop, each subgroup will be led by a subject matter expert with experience at the CRISC Test Enhancement Subcommittee (TES) or CRISC Certification Committee level to discuss the merits of each item. The diagram to the right illustrates the complete item review process (please click to enlarge).


Additional Benefits of Participating in the Item Writing Program:

  • Impact the future of IT governance professionals by ensuring the CRISC certification program maintains its high level of quality
  • Contribute to the development of a nationally recognized examination in your specialty
  • Network with CRISC and CGEIT peers from around the world; a CGEIT item development workshop will be held concurrently
  • Learn more about the item writing process, and how to create better exam questions
  • Earn 18 CPEs for attendance at the 19-21 July, 2013 workshop
  • Increase the likelihood of your items being accepted by the CRISC Test Enhancement Subcommittee for inclusion in the exam item pool
  • Earn an honorarium of $100 and 2 CPEs for each of your items accepted and approved by the TES.
  • Enjoy a three-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Woodfield, located across the street from the famous Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois.
  • Enjoy a special outing to Arlington National Racetrack.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is "item writing"?

Item writing is a term used in the exam development industry to describe the process of writing questions and answers for use on an exam. For ISACA’s certification exams, an “item” consists of a question (called the “stem”) and 4 options. Within the 4 options, only one is considered the correct answer (called the “key”). The remaining 3 choices are called “distracters.”

2. What is the CRISC Test Enhancement Subcommittee (TES)?

The CRISC TES is an ISACA volunteer body charged with creating and qualifying new items for the CRISC certification exam. 

3. On what basis will attendees be selected?

  1. Timeliness of response to interest form
  2. Availability to attend training webinars and the 3-day workshop
  3. Commitment to submitting batches of items by required due dates.
  4. Demographic information to ensure diverse industry and experience-level representation

4. How many people will be selected to participate in this program?

A minimum of 30 CRISC certified individuals will be selected. We will also conduct a concurrent CGEIT item writing program. Participants of both programs will enjoy networking at this event.

5. How much time within the 10 week program should I plan to spend writing items and preparing for the workshop?

Plan on approximately 20 hours over the course of the program to write 20 items, and to review your subgroup’s item file prior to the workshop. Keep in mind, item writing should become easier with practice.

6. How many items will my subgroup review during the workshop?

Approximately 100-125 items will be reviewed in each subgroup during the three-day workshop. The more items reviewed during the workshop, the more successful it will be. It is possible there will be more than 125 items, which will still be achievable to review during the three-day workshop.

7. When and how will I make my travel arrangements for the 19-21 July workshop?

Participants will receive all travel-related instructions and documents after the first 10 items have been submitted within the required due dates. Travel arrangements will be made by our travel agency, Best Travel, and direct billed to ISACA. Hotel arrangements and ground transportation from the Chicago airport(s) to/from hotel will also be arranged and directly billed by ISACA. All attendees will be required to provide the hotel with a credit card upon check-in for incidentals not covered by ISACA. ISACA will also provide meals during the meeting and networking event. Any meals not provided by ISACA will be reimbursed to participants via an expense report in accordance with ISACA’s expense reimbursement policy. This policy, along with detailed instructions on how to make travel arrangements, will be provided to participants upon submission of 10 items by the due date.

8. How can I learn more about item writing, and receive information about future item writing opportunities?

To learn more about ISACA’s item writing guidelines, please review the CRISC Item Development Guide.

To become an ISACA item writer, please go to and complete the application provided. We can then add you to our item writing database, and you will receive specific email updates regarding future events and item writing campaigns.

9. How can I obtain additional information?