Exam Deferral and Cancellation Request 


CISA, CISM, CGEIT, and CRISC December 2015
Exam Deferral and Cancellation Request

Important note:  The CISA Chinese Traditional, German, Hebrew, and Italian and the CISM Japanese and Korean languages are not available at the December 2015 exam. Please contact exam@isaca.org for more details.

Candidates may defer a fully paid December 2015 CISA, CISM, CGEIT, or CRISC exam registration to the June 2016 exam date by making an exam deferral payment and completing the deferral request. If you wish to cancel your registration, see the Refund Policy below.

CISA and CISM September 2015 Deferral Requests to December 2015

  • Exam deferrals for the September 2015 are no longer available. The deadline to defer the September 2015 exam was 28 August 2015.

CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC December 2015 Deferral Requests to June 2016

  • A deferral request received on or before 23 October 2015** will be charged a US $50 processing fee
  • A deferral request received from 24 October through 27 November 2015** will be charged a US $100 processing fee

Deferral requests will not be accepted after 27 November 2015.

Exam and deferral fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment for deferral fee is due in full by 12 December 2015.

Requests received after 27 November 2015 and candidates who do not attend the exam or do not appear at their designated exam by the required time will not be able to receive an exam deferral or refund of the exam fees.

**All deadlines are based on Chicago, Illinois, USA, 5PM Central Time (UTC/GMT-06:00 Chicago, Illinois, USA).

After your deferral order payment is processed and the June 2016 exams are open for registration, you will automatically be registered for that exam and will be sent an exam confirmation via email and the post. Please review the information carefully to ensure the details are correct. By electing to defer your exam date, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions cited below, which are consistent with the terms you agreed to during your previous registration process. Exam candidates who have deferred their exam are not eligible for a refund of their deferral fee and associated exam payment.

Deferral Request Options

Online—Please Select the Exam You are Deferring

December 2015 exam deferral to June 2016 — for credit card, wire or check - at the conclusion of the purchase process you will provide your credit card details or indicate that you will follow-up with sending a wire or check. Please note: Your deferral request will not be processed until deferral fees have been paid in full. Payment is due in full by 12 December 2015. Deferral fees and associated exam payment are non-refundable.

Select the applicable exam to defer:

CISA Exam Deferral Request from December 2015 to June 2016
CISM Exam Deferral Request from December 2015 to June 2016
CGEIT Exam Deferral Request from December 2015 to June 2016
CRISC Exam Deferral Request from December 2015 to June 2016

Paying by check or wire transfer?

Place your online deferral order. When in the shopping cart, select Pay by Check or Bank Transfer and continue through the order process. Once the order is placed, proceed with your check payment or bank transfer then follow up with ISACA on your payment. Your deferral order will not be processed or your exam will not be deferred until payment has been received and processed by ISACA. The deferral payment due date is 12 September 2015 for September exam deferrals and 12 December 2015 for December exam deferrals.

By making an exam deferral request you agree to the following:

By purchasing a deferral for an ISACA exam and by clicking the Proceed button; I hereby agree to adhere to and accept the following terms: (1) I have read and agree to the conditions set forth in the ISACA Exam Candidate Information Guide covering administration of the ISACA exams and/or the association’s Code of Professional Ethics; certification rules, policies and procedures; and the release of my test results; (2) I understand I will be disqualified, my exam score nullified, or that ISACA may take any other action it deems appropriate if any information provided by me is false or misleading, or in the event that I violate any of the rules, policies or procedures governing the exam. Appeals undertaken by a certification exam taker, certification applicant or by a certified individual are undertaken at the discretion and cost of the exam taker, applicant or individual. (3) I hereby agree to hold ISACA, its officers, directors, examiners, members, employees and those of ISACA’s supporting organizations harmless from any complaint, claim or damage arising out of any action or failure to act by ISACA and any action or omission in connection with my exam registration; (4) I understand that the final decision as to whether I pass the exam rests solely with ISACA; (5) I understand that ISACA may inform the local ISACA chapter and other parties who might inquire about my certification status; (6) I agree that any action arising out of or pertaining to this application or the exam must be brought in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, USA, and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois, USA; (7) By taking an ISACA Exam, I understand and agree that the Exam (which includes all aspects of the exam, including, without limitation, the test questions, answers, examples and other information presented or contained in the exam) belongs to ISACA and constitutes ISACA’s confidential information (collectively, “Confidential Information”). I agree to maintain the confidentiality of all of ISACA’s Confidential Information at all times and understand that any failure to maintain the confidentiality of ISACA’s Confidential Information may result in disciplinary action against me by ISACA or other adverse consequences, including, without limitation, nullification of my exam, loss of my credentials, and/or litigation. Specifically, I understand that I may not, for example, discuss, publish or share any exam question(s), my answers to any questions(s) or the exam’s format with anyone in any forum or media (i.e., via e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other form of social media). (8) I understand that my information will be used to fulfill my request or as otherwise as described in the ISACA Privacy Policy.

I have read and understand these statements and intend to be legally bound by them.

Refund Policy

Refunds for the September 2015 exam are no longer available.


December 2015 Exam Refund Request

Candidates unable to take the December 2015 exam are eligible for a refund of registration fees, less a US $100 processing fee, if such a request is received in writing on or before 23 October 2015, 5PM Central Time, (GMT -06:00), Chicago, Illinois, USA. All requests for a refund after this date will be denied. Exam candidates who have deferred their exam are not eligible for a refund of their deferral fee and associated exam payment. Exam registration and membership fees are non-transferable. .

  December 2015 Exam Refund Form