September Exam Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Will the CISA and CISM September 2015 administration be offered at all of the sites that the June and December exams are offered?

No. The September 2015 administration is unique in that it is for CISA and CISM candidates only and the administration will be offered at limited sites worldwide. View

2. Is there a list of sites for the September 2015 exams?

Yes. Visit our exam locations page at (select September Exam Locations to view a list of September exam sites).

3. Will the CISA and CISM September 2015 administration be offered in all languages?

No, not all languages will be available for CISA or CISM. Please refer to the schedule below.

Available languages for CISA:

  • Chinese Mandarin Simplified
  • English
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish

Available languages for CISM:

  • English
  • Spanish

4. Will I be able to retest in September if I did not pass in June; and will I be able to retest in December if I do not pass in September?

Yes. Anyone who takes either the CISA or CISM exam in June (September) and does not pass but wishes to retest in September (December) will be able to do so. ISACA has responded to requests to release exam results in a more expedited manner, thus enabling this retesting within this short time frame. ISACA will be releasing CISA and CISM only exam results approximately 5 weeks after the exam administration.

5. Will I be able to receive the early bird registration rate if I do register for the September (December) exams after not passing the June (September) exam?

All CISA and CISM candidates who took the June (September) exam but did not pass, will receive a voucher enabling them to obtain the early bird rate for the September (December) CISA and CISM exams.