COBIT Education FAQs 


For COBIT Learners

  1. What does the COBIT exam test?

    The exam tests against course content established through the course learning objectives.

  2. What score is required to pass the exams?

    A score of 70% or better is required to successfully complete the exam. Upon successful completion of the online exam, candidates will be awarded and be able to print a COBIT Foundation Certificate.

  3. What classroom-based COBIT courses are available?

    Content is available to Licensees to create two-day courses for:

    • COBIT Foundation-Level Course
    • Implementation-Level Course
  4. How does ISACA know to whom to generate the certificate for a classroom-based exam?

    For classroom-based exams, to ensure the learner information is correct and the email notification and certificate is sent to the correct location, ISACA requires a Request for Certificate form be completed by each learner. This form is distributed with the exam and is returned to ISACA with the exam material.

  5. How many CPE credits are earned?

    Completion of each course and successful completion of each corresponding exam will earn 14 CPE Hours.

  6. Can one earn a certificate for the course only?

    A certificate of course completion is presented to those candidates that do not successfully complete the exam. Certificates that are CPE-based are distributed only upon successful completion of the corresponding exam.

  7. Does one earn a certification?

    Earning the certificate represents and reflects a proficiency and knowledge of COBIT through the completion of the course and/or the corresponding exam. The certificate does not represent completion of requirements for a certification program. At this time, ISACA does not have a COBIT certification program. Individuals who earn the certificate are allowed and encouraged to display the words “COBIT Foundation Certificate" on business cards, resumes or other documents and media where professional designations are appropriately used.

For Training Licensees

  1. Who is eligible to deliver COBIT training?

    A License Agreement must be executed with ISACA for use of ISACA content to develop courseware and to teach the COBIT Foundation-level course and Implementation-Level Course. Contact for more information.

  2. Are there versions of the COBIT classroom training courses that can be delivered in one day?

    No, the COBIT Foundation-Level Course and the Implementation-Level Course are both two-day classroom courses.

  3. How is courseware developed?

  4. Official COBIT content is licensed directly from ISACA. COBIT licensees must enter into a License Agreement to secure rights to use the materials and to administer the COBIT-related exams. As a licensee of COBIT content, licensees develop their own COBIT training course.
  5. Are these courses and trainers accredited?

    ISACA does not accredit the trainers nor the course. The licensee can state that they are a licensee of COBIT content for training.

  6. Are there royalties for licensing the material and exams?

    A small annual royalty is required to license the content for the courseware development. In addition, licensees are required to administer the COBIT exam to each learner in each facilitated course.  Contact to obtain information.

  7. Can I call courseware developed by my company the COBIT Foundation Course or the Implementing Governance of Enterprise IT Using COBIT?

     Yes, training providers may use these names in their courseware.

  8. What content is licensed to Licensees?

    The License Agreement provides access to the following content:
    For the COBIT Foundation-level course:
    • COBIT 4.1
    • The Board Briefing on IT Governance, 2nd Edition
    • COBIT Control Practices, 2nd Edition

    For the Implementation-level course:
    • COBIT 4.1
    • Implementing and Continually Improving IT Governance
    • COBIT Mappings
    • The Board Briefing in IT Governance, 2nd edition
    Upon execution of the License Agreement and payment of the royalty, licensees receives as value-added material a course description and learning objectives, a teaching plan, case study and sample exam questions.
  9. Can Licensees use the COBIT or ISACA logos?

    No, ISACA does not license its trademarked logos to third parties to promote their products and services. Licensee may state that it uses content with the permission of ISACA and may also state that it offers the COBIT Foundation-Level Exam and the Implementation-Level Exam.

  10. Can Licensees Issue a Certificate?

    If licensees generates their own course-completion certificate, they may not use the ISACA logo nor may they refer to the course as training or preparation for any ISACA certification. In addition, only ISACA can generate course and exam certificates that provide CPE credits. If licensees generate a certificate for learners it must include the training provider name, the course completion date and the number of classroom hours.

  11. How does ISACA know to whom to generate the certificate?

    To ensure the learner name and address is correct on the certificate and the correct email address is obtained for the email notification, ISACA requires the Request for Certificate form be completed by each learner. This form is distributed by the exam proctor and is return to ISACA with the exam material.



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