COBIT 5 Training Providers 


Organizations and individuals who offer COBIT 5 content for training purposes.

COBIT 5 Accredited and Licensed Training Providers

These organizations and individuals have undergone a meticulous accredited process through APMG-International. APMG is a leading Examination Institute that accredits training and consulting organizations. Search APMG by location.

Accredited Organizations

ANMARIS Gesellschaft für Seminare und Beratung GmbH

Centrum Rozwiązań Menedżerskich SA

Headway Consulting (Pty) Ltd

4train oHG

Affiliates of Accredited Organizations

Accredited Individual Trainers

Erik Jørgen Andersen, Denmark – Email | Web
Rajeev Andharia, India – Email | Web
Santhosh Babu, India – Email | Web
Annamarie Boddy, Australia – Email | Web
Bettssy Botero, Colombia – Email | Web
Andre Boutin, Canada – Email | Web
Sushil Chatterji, Singapore – Email | Web
Claudio Cilli, Italy – Email  | Web
Peter T Davis, Canada – Email | Web
Leela Ravi Shankar Dhulipalla, India – Email | Web
Mark T. Edmead, United States – Email | Web
Erik van Eeden, The Netherlands – Email | Web
Nasser El-Hout, UAE – Email | Web
Pamela Erskine, United States – Email | Web
Christian Focke, Austria – Email | Web
Jorge Ivan Manrique Giraldo, Colombia – Email | Web
José Ángel Peña Ibarra, Mexico – Email | Web
Kester Irabor, Bahrain – Email | Web
Tansel Kiyici, Turkey – Email | Web
Barry Lewis, Canada – Email | Web
Juan Carlos López, Ecuador – Email | Web
Gabriele Lorini, Italy – Email | Web

Daisy Lui, Canada – Email | Web
Lucio Augusto Molina Focazzio, Colombia – Email | Web
Francisco Javier Peris Montesinos, Spain – Email | Web
Juan Carlos Morales, Guatemala – Web
Reginald Nery, Philippines – Email | Web
Firat Okay, Turkey – Email | Web
Zachy Olorunojowon, Canada – Email | Web
Vernon Poole, United Kingdom – Email | Web
Manuel Yrigoyen Quintanilla, Peru – Email | Web
Sreechith Radhakrishnan, UAE – Email | Web
R Vittal Raj, India – Email | Web
Ayilur Ramnath, India – Email | Web
Alejandra Ramirez Salas, Costa Rica – Email | Web
Mart Rovers, United States – Email | Web
Nanda Mohan Shenoy, India – Email
Michael Shortt, South Africa – Email | Web
Bruno Luis Horta Soares, Portugal – Email | Web
Dirk Steuperaert, Belgium – Email | Web
Mark Thomas, United States – Email | Web
Martin Vitous, Czech Republic – Email | Web
Vishal Vyas, India – Email | Web
Alexander Zapata Lenis, Colombia – Email | Web

Organizations and Individuals Offering Licensed COBIT 4.1 Content for Training Purposes


Analytix: Contact - Johan Botha


Charlene Hughes
Tatiana Sancho Vargas
Lucio Molina Focazzio
Annamarie Boddy
Bettssy Botero Gallego
Erik Anderson
Francisco Javier Valencia Duque

Please feel free to contact for any additional COBIT 4.1 training inquiries.