ISACA Speaker FAQs 


How do I become a speaker at an ISACA conference?

If you are an experienced speaker with innovative ideas to share, we want to hear from you! Consider submitting a proposal to speak at an ISACA conference.

How do I submit a proposal to speak at an ISACA Conference?

Please visit the ISACA website to view conferences that have open Call for Speakers. You will be taken to a safe third-party website to submit your proposal.

Can I submit multiple proposals for the same conference?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of proposals you can submit per conference.

How can I find out which conferences have open Call for Speakers?

Please visit the ISACA website to view conferences that have open Call for Speakers.

Can I still submit a proposal after the Call for Speakers has closed?

Please contact us at to see if we are still able to include your proposal in the current conference review process.

Can I have multiple colleagues speak with me?

Each session can have a maximum of 2 speakers. If you are interested in presenting a panel, please select panel as your presentation length and type when you submit your proposal. Panels can have up to 4 panelists and 1 moderator.

Do I have to pay for my conference registration?

In appreciation for all the hard work and effort, ISACA offers speakers one (1) complimentary registration for the conference. Complimentary registration is not transferable or able to be used as a credit. Registration for the pre- and post-workshops are not included. If multiple speakers are presenting, ISACA offers one (1) additional complimentary conference registration if presentation materials are submitted by deadlines outlined in the speaker agreement that can be used for the co-speaker’s registration.

As an ISACA speaker, can I have a list of conference attendees?

No, ISACA’s privacy policy strictly prohibits us from sharing personal attendee information.

How can I make my submission stand out, so it has a better chance of being accepted?

Try to stay away from academic/theoretical learning objectives. Make sure your submission includes actionable takeaways; practical guidance that attendees can immediately apply when they are back in the office. If possible, use real world examples and case studies.

When will I find out if my proposal has been accepted?

Our subject matter experts will complete the review process approximately 3-4 weeks after the call for speakers closes. Selections will be made approximately 5-6 weeks after the call for speakers closes, which is when you can expect to receive a response. Specific dates will be provided for each conference that has an open Call for Speakers.

Does ISACA pay for speaker’s travel costs and lodging?

ISACA is a not-for-profit organization serving the IT assurance, information security management and IT governance communities. Most speakers and their companies recognize the importance of being part of ISACA’s educational events and embrace a philanthropic spirit by funding travel and lodgings. ISACA educational events provide speakers the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and experience, as well as to network with constituents for business development purposes.

Why was my submission declined?

We always get more great submissions that we can include in our conference program. Our subject matter experts look for submissions with clear and concise learning objectives that align with the abstract. Make sure your submission is strictly educational and not a commercial or sales pitch, our subject matter experts quickly eliminate anything “sales pitchy” or vendor specific. We also received a lot of very similar submissions, and with a limited number of accepted sessions, the subject matter experts must pick the sessions and the presenters they think best address the topic. Be original and make your proposal stand out! And remember: ISACA conferences draw an experienced audience. Very few sessions with a beginner learning level are selected. The majority of accepted submissions will be intermediate to advanced learning levels.

What if I need to make a change to my presentation after I’ve submitted my final version?

No problem! If you have made changes to your presentation, please contact the conference coordinator at as soon as possible. We will need to receive the updated version, so it can be uploaded to the ISACA website for conference attendees to access.

Will I receive feedback about my session? If so, when should I expect to receive it?

Yes, at the end of your presentation, make sure to remind your attendees to complete the survey in their mobile app. It takes about 3-4 weeks to compile and calculate the session survey results. You will receive an email from with your session survey results and any comments from attendees.

Do I Earn CPEs for Speaking at an ISACA Conference?

These activities include the development and delivery of professional educational presentations and the development of self-study/distance education courses related to the assessment of information systems. For presentations, CPE hours are earned at five times the presentation time or time estimated to take the course for the first delivery (e.g.: two-hour presentation earns ten CPE hours) and at the actual presentation time for the additional deliveries. CPE hours cannot be earned for subsequent presentations of the same material unless the content is substantially modified.

How do I become a Top-Rated Speaker?

The top five (5) rated speakers per conference, receiving an average score of 4.75 or higher, will receive special formal recognition of their accomplishment from ISACA and will be named Top Rated Speakers on the Conference web page at the end of the Conference. This score will be calculated from the average score of the questions on the mobile app session survey that are specifically related to the speaker and the presentation. At least twenty percent (20%) of attendees must respond to the session’s survey to qualify. Further, the Top-Rated Speakers of the Conference may be invited back to present again at future ISACA Conferences.