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ISACA, a recognized global leader in IT governance, control and assurance, is dedicated to offering the most dynamic and inclusive conferences featuring the latest advances in the IT profession.

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Partnering with ISACA means more than making the right contacts; it means being an insider. It means being connected to the right people with the right level of influence, and it means you are allied with a globally respected organization and leader in the IS & IT industry. Experience the power of partnership with ISACA. Sponsorship, exhibiting and advertising packages are designed to provide a solid platform to help you stand out and make an impact. Our programs allow you to achieve your marketing goals and deliver a maximum return on your investment. We have developed convenient and customizable packages to help your organization meet its objectives and reach your target market in the IS & IT professions. For detailed information on specific events, please visit www.isaca.org/events.

Partnering with ISACA means:

  • Engagement with leaders in IS & IT audit, assurance, security, governance, risk and control
  • Access to IS & IT decision-makers worldwide — more than 75% of ISACA members participate in the purchasing decisions of their enterprise
  • Positioning your organization as a leader with a globally respected organization
  • Advancing your business success and helping to drive trust in and value from information systems

2015 Sponsorship Opportunities


Governance, Risk and Control Conference
(An ISACA and IIA Collaboration)

17-19 August 2015 – Conference

Arizona Biltmore
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Latin America CACS / ISRM

21-23 September 2015 – Conference
21-22 September 2015 – Exhibition

Hilton Mexico City Reforma
Mexico City, Mexico

  2015 Latin America CACS / ISRM Sponsor License Agreement
  2015 Latin America CACS / ISRM Sponsorship Brochure
  2015 Latin America CACS / ISRM Floor Plan

CSX 2015 North America

19-21 October 2015 – Conference
19-20 October 2015 – Exhibition

Washington, D.C., USA
Washington Marriott Wardman Park

  CSX 2015 North America Sponsor License Agreement
  CSX 2015 North America Sponsorship Brochure
  CSX 2015 North America Floor Plan

COBIT Conference Europe

7-8 November 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark
Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center

  2015 COBIT Conference Europe Sponsor License Agreement
  2015 COBIT Conference Europe Sponsorship Brochure


9-11 November 2015 – Conference
9-10 November 2015 – Exhibition

Copenhagen, Denmark
Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center

  2015 EuroCACS/ISRM Sponsor License Agreement
  2015 EuroCACS/ISRM Sponsorship Brochure
  2015 EuroCACS/ISRM Floor Plan


2016 Sponsorship Opportunities


COBIT Conference North America

30 April - 1 May 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
New Orleans Marriott

  2016 COBIT Conference North America Sponsor License Agreement

North America CACS

2-4 May 2016 – Conference
2-3 May 2016 – Exhibition

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
New Orleans Marriott

  2016 North America CACS Sponsor License Agreement


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Director of Sponsorship
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