Archived Webinar: Bringing Out the Hidden Security Ninjas 


Daksha Bhasker
Senior Network Security Architect,
Bell Canada

MS (Computer Systems engineering),

Thursday, 18 May 2017
12PM (EDT)/ 11AM (CDT) / 9AM (PDT) / 16:00(UTC)
60 minutes

In spite of industry attention and recruitment campaigns targeting women, studies forecast a severe skills shortage and low engagement of women that has remained alarmingly stagnant since 2013. This flags broader issues, as we continue to miss opportunities for economic development, prosperity, and more critically, National Security. In global security intelligence, it takes not only technical experts to decompose the motives of a hacktivist or an attack, but an un-expected slew of diverse experts who understand underlying human nature, broad political motives and incentives. This talk will help bolster your security posture by engaging the unrecognized security ninjas.
Opinions expressed in this talk are the speaker’s and not necessarily those of her employer.

Daksha has over a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry in business intelligence, strategy planning, business management, governance, SOX compliance, complex technical solutions, architecture, security risk management and cybersecurity. She currently works as a senior network security architect with the network technology team at Bell Canada. In this role she has worked on the company’s cyber threat intelligence program, as well as launched the integration of security into network virtualization initiatives and deployments. She contributes to ISO security standards, IoT specifically and maintains an interest in research and authorship.