Archived Webinar: Dissolving the Perimeter and Extending Security to the Cloud Edge 


Tuesday, 16 May 2017
12 pm (EDT) / 11 am (CDT) / 9 am (PDT) / 16:00 (UTC)
60 minutes

Both the way we work and the security landscape are in a state of constant change. Employees work from anywhere they want, and the traditional network perimeter is removed when a laptop leaves the building. Malware can change for every visitor of a compromised website. And cloud applications come on the market as fast as virtual infrastructure can spin up. Many security professionals have tried to lock down their perimeter and devices to reduce risk, only to find new malware and unforeseen cloud applications continue to pop up. The traditional perimeter is dissolving and a cloud edge which provides ubiquitous security, regardless of location, is replacing it. Today’s progressive security teams must push forward into the future with more efficient and stronger protection. In this webinar, learn more about this trend, and what security architectures can be implemented based on your organization’s goals.

Michael Schneider,CISSP, CCSK,
Product Management Lead,
Web Protection Solutions,

Michael Schneider is leading Product Management for McAfee’s Web Protection product line. He oversees the strategy and business development of McAfee Web Gateway appliances and Web Gateway Cloud Service.In his career, Michael worked as IT support technician, managed global support teams while building up a global support organization and had strategic product responsibility. Prior to McAfee, Michael worked at Secure Computing, Cyberguard, Webwasher and SIEMENS.

Thomas Bryant,
Technical Director

Tom Bryant is the Tech Director for McAfee Web and Data Protection solutions, responsible for guiding product development based on the needs of enterprise customers for over 12 years.