Archived Webinar: Self-Empowerment in Technology: Bootstrapping and Belief 


Melanie Mecca
Director of Data Management
Products and Services,

CMMI Institute

Thursday, 23 February 2017
12PM (EST)/ 11AM (CST) / 9AM (PST) / 17:00(UTC)
60 minutes

There is a broad range of opportunities in technology, and overall, it is an industry that values substance over form. ‘Can you produce?’ is the question you must answer with accomplishments as you advance in responsibilities and compensation.

We’ll discuss key practical considerations: how to be recognized for your intelligence and receive credit for your contributions; tips for negotiating salary increases; and building a body of achievements that enable agility and continuing advancement. We’ll also explore self-limitations that women can buy into, and countering conditioned beliefs with positive attitudinal adjustments that increase inner confidence, balance collaboration with assertiveness, and discover your professional voice.

Ms. Mecca, CMMI Institute’s Director of Data Management Products and Services, is the managing author of the Data Management Maturity (DMM) SM Model. Her team created a business-centric method for assessing an organization’s capabilities via the DMM, and she leads Assessments for organizations in multiple industries. She directed development of three successive courses leading to the Enterprise Data Management Expert certification, web-based learning, and DM topic seminars. Based on her 30+ years solving enterprise data challenges, Ms. Mecca advocates measurement of data management capabilities as best acceleration path for empowering governance, achieving business value, and advancing the organization’s business strategy.