Archived Webinar: Top 5 Reasons to Move Security to the Cloud 


Thursday, 9 November 2017
12 pm (EST) / 11 am (CST) / 9 am (PST) / 17:00 (UTC)
60 minutes
1 CPE (Members only)

As organizations move workloads and infrastructure to the cloud, legacy security solutions are not adequate to detect and prevent today’s modern threats. Cybercriminals can quickly compromise and infiltrate organizations by using stolen credentials and exploiting vulnerabilities in misconfigured systems. In this webcast, Sridhar will discuss the top five reasons to move your security to the cloud. He will also cover new cloud technologies—including artificial intelligence, machine learning and adaptive analytics—that help monitor and prevent attacks that traditional tools cannot.

Sridhar Karnam
Sr. Director of Security Product Marketing and GTM

As a leader for Oracle Cloud Security, Sridhar is helping to change the way customers detect, prevent, predict and respond to today’s innovative cyber threats. He has been in the security and IT space for over a decade. He is an industry speaker and has a number of webinars and speaking engagements at major security and IT events. Prior to Oracle, Sridhar spent 8 years at Hewlett-Packard and few other startups.