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Session Title

Session Date

10 Things to Test Before Buying Your Next-Generation Firewall
17 October 2017
Visibility is the Key to Infrastructure Protection
12 October 2017
Governance, Risk and Automation – Part I
10 October 2017
Eliminate the IoT Security Blind Spot 
3 October 2017
How to Perform GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessments
28 September 2017
How Using Container Technology Can Help You Meet Compliance Goals
26 September 2017
Changing Trends in Deploying and Securing Applications
19 September 2017
How to Jump Start GDPR with Identity & Access Management
14 September 2017
Using Machine Learning to Stop Malware
29 August 2017
Privacidad: Modelo estructurado de cumplimiento (GDPR y otras consideraciones)
23 August 2017
Mentorship Matters: Cultivating the Next Generation of Cyber
17 August 2017
Leveraging Container Technology to Better Achieve Compliance
15 August 2017
Threat Driven Vulnerability Prioritization
10 August 2017
Blockchain Basics
27 July 2017
Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations
25 July 2017
Countdown to GDPR: 5 Tips to Accelerate GDPR Readiness
20 July 2017
Five Milestones for GDPR Compliance Success
13 July 2017
Cybersecurity 2017: To Get Ahead, Start at The Beginning
11 July 2017
Practical Approaches to Accelerating Privileged Access Adoption
20 June 2017
The Power of Identity
8 June 2017
Adopting the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT 5—Tips & Techniques
1 June 2017
Bringing Out the Hidden Security Ninjas
18 May 2017
Dissolving the Perimeter and Extending Security to the Cloud Edge
16 May 2017
Automated, Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
11 May 2017
Aligning Awareness to NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework
25 April 2017
The Dark Web—A Threat to Your Business?
20 April 2017
How to Bridge the Security Gap Between Cloud & On Premise
13 April 2017
How Prairie Dogs Improve Incident Response
6 April 2017
Personal Brand Stewardship: Secrets for Creating a Powerful Leadership Brand
23 March 2017
Disrupting the Credential-Based Attack (yes, there is more to it than phishing)
21 March 2017
How to Prepare for and Pass the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Examination
14 March 2017
Leveraging COBIT 5 and CMMI
2 March 2017
Mitigating the Top 5 Cloud Security Threats
28 February 2017
Self-Empowerment in Technology: Bootstrapping and Belief
23 February 2017
Leadership METRICS for Success
21 February 2017
Prevent Major Data Breaches with Threat Lifecycle Management
9 February 2017
Stability, Agility, and The Capable Organization
31 January 2017
Solving Business Problems with COBIT 5
26 January 2017
Mitigando Impactos: de la Gestión de Incidentes a la Resiliencia del Negocio
18 January 2017
DevOps—Accelerating Your Enterprise’s Digital Agility
15 December 2016
Threat Analytics - The Key to Protecting Privileged Access and Preventing Breaches
13 December 2016
Suggested Tips Auditors Need to Know About Cyber Security
6 December 2016
The Bleeding Edge of AppSec
1 December 2016
Rethink Security for SaaS with a Platform Approach
29 November 2016
2016 Data Protection Benchmark Study: Are you at Risk?
10 November 2016
Defending Against the Data Breach: Implementing a Defense-in-Depth Security Strategy
25 October 2016
Tips for Auditing Cybersecurity
18 October 2016

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