Archived Webinar: Resilience – How to Handle Stressful Situations and be Able to Relax, Refresh & Rejuvenate! 


Thursday, 8 March 2018
12 pm (EST) / 11 am (CST) / 9 am (PST) / 17:00 (UTC)
60 minutes

Being resilient is the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving success! Participants will learn simple, creative and fun tips to respond to stressful situations, difficult people and challenges in the workplace. You will learn the skills to shift your mindset, so the small things don’t bother you and you can come up with a solution to the important things that matter most. You will also learn how to communicate more effectively with others and how to adjust your internal dialogue so that you can create awesome outcomes at work and home!

Dan DusterDan Duster
3D Development Group

Dan Duster, president of 3D Development Group, is a motivational speaker, trainer and success coach. He is known as Dan Duster the Barrier Buster, helping people obliterate obstacles on their path to prosperity! He impacts leaders across the nation through his workshops and speeches. Dan has spent the past 17 years working with individuals and corporations to show people how to set goals, communicate effectively, realize their potential and enjoy their success.

Dan is also the great grandson of Ida B. Wells; one of the most prolific leaders for civil rights in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He talks about her courage, passion and leadership skills during her struggles and triumphs, to motivate audiences to overcome the obstacles we face today.