ISACA On-Site Training 


ISACA’s On-Site Training program brings courses to the participants.

Maximize your organization’s training opportunities while minimizing costs! ISACA's On-Site Training program delivers course content directly to your groups of 10 or more while saving your enterprise thousands of dollars in travel costs.

Many companies have cut travel budgets, but still need continuing education for their employees,” said Don Caniglia, an ISACA instructor. “ISACA’s on-site courses provide employees with the training they need and eliminate staff transportation costs.

On-Site Training program

ISACA accredited trainers will come to your enterprise to deliver one or more of the following courses:

  COBIT Training Week
  Fundamentals of IT Assurance and Audit
  IT Assurance and Audit Practices
  Information Security Management
  Governance of Enterprise IT
  IT Risk Management

Instructor Biographies

For more information about the ISACA On-Site Training program, and how ISACA can save you time and money while effectively training your team, contact