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COBIT (4.1 and earlier) - Use it Effectively

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge around how to use COBIT 4.1 within your enterprise or client base.

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We are looking for a Self Assesment based on COBIT 4.1, but we want to know in our company if the good practices say that we need to use evidence for this kind of assessment, please someone help us. Thank! 
EdgardoPP | 1/21/2016 8:47:47 AM | COMMENTS(4)
Join author Christopher Oparaugo, as he responds to ISACA member questions beginning 14 December 2015. Add your questions by responding to this post!You must be logged in and be a member of this group* to participate. *After logging in click "Join this Co...
Tammie111 | 12/28/2015 10:42:02 PM | COMMENTS(11)
There are several key of influencers on the success of governance and management activities at both the organisational and individual level whether it is on a Profit Oriented Enterprise or Non-Profit Oriented Enterprise. "Human behaviour is one of the S...
A.S.K | 4/13/2015 8:49:13 PM | COMMENTS(4)
Join author Steve Williamson as he responds to ISACA member questions beginning 24 January 2014. Add your questions by responding to this post! You must be logged in and be a member of this group* to participate. *After ...
Tammie111 | 1/24/2014 11:39:34 AM | COMMENTS(2)
Join author Olabode Olaoke as he responds to ISACA member questions beginning 22 April 2013. Add your questions by responding to this post!You must be logged in and be a member of this group* to participate. *After logging in click "Join this Community" t...
Tammie111 | 10/6/2013 1:00:04 PM | COMMENTS(5)
Hello, While in Internal Audit we are using COBIT, there are many other global standards, frameworks, laws that my organization needs to comply with.  I recently was exposed to Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), and am curious if any other organizations...
SArndt | 5/13/2013 11:34:56 AM | COMMENTS(3)

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This presentation by Robert Stroud, CGEIT, CRISC, ISACA Strategic Advisory Board, addresses the COBIT 5 framework, the critical aspects of COBIT 5, and what is available.
Posted by ISACA 1079 days ago
Posted by ISACA 99 days ago
IBM-DuPont COBIT PAM Assessment Q & A from 26 June Professional Guidance Webinar
Posted by ISACA 570 days ago
Posted by ISACA 666 days ago

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22 Aug 2016
ISACA International Event
Hollywood, Florida, US
2016 GRC Conference - 22-24 August , Fort Lauderdale, FL. Explore the future of Governance Risk and Control through expert-led workshops and sessions developed by the IIA and ISACA. Register early for our GRC learning tracks.

Journal Articles: 136 total

Volume 3, 2013
by Kaya Kazmirci, CISA, CISM, CISSP
The Turkish Banking Association recently commented on the COBIT 4.1 migration to COBIT 5 and its relevant impact on banking operations.
Volume 2, 2013
by Tommie W. Singleton, Ph.D., CISA, CGEIT, CITP, CPA
This article attempts to provide the basics of where to find authoritative, reliable standards and frameworks from which an IT audit can be developed and conducted.
Volume 2, 2013
by Evert Koning and Hans Bikker
Ensuring board members are attentive and committed to continuous improvements is essential to improve the effectiveness of both corporate governance and the internal control environment.
Volume 1, 2013
by Tugba Yildirim, CISA, CRISC and Bilgin Metin, Ph.D.
Since IT processes are at the heart of the business life, creating more effective and efficient processes results in achievement of business objectives.
Volume 5, 2012
by David Vohradsky, CGEIT, CRISC
The benefits of cloud computing over in-house development are clearly articulated and well known, and they include rapid deployment, ease of customisation, reduced build and testing effort, and reduced project risk.
Volume 1, 2012
by Ronke Oyemade, CISA, CRISC, PMP
This article defines IT governance, addresses its importance, and describes how to apply the three lines of defense by implementing a combination of the Risk IT and COBIT frameworks.

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  Rob Stroud is the New York based Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at CA Technologies and is the current President for the 2014-15 administrative term.  I caught up with Rob in Australia when he visited Canberra in June 2014...
Posted By : Rob Hanson | 2 comments
I saw Garry at the Sydney Chapter’s successful Strategic Planning event in July 2014.  He was animated and gregarious during the evening’s cocktail event and it felt good to see him again and catch...
Posted By : Rob Hanson | 0 comments
13 Nov 2014
Posted By : masarker | 4 comments
Durante las últimas tres semanas y hasta ayer jueves, estuve compartiendo experiencias con un grupo de profesionales relacionados a la TI.   Esto como del tiempo asignado al módulo de "Gobernabilidad de TI usando CobiT" que forma parte del Diplomado "Mejo...
Posted By : emorro | 1 comments
13 Nov 2014
Recientemente, al igual que otros muchos profesionales alrededor del mundo, recibí de ISACA una comunicación para que diera mi opinión sobre CobiT 5.   La compilación de información por parte de diversas personas, es un proceso normal que ISACA lleva a ca...
Posted By : emorro | 1 comments