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COBIT Focus - Between Fear and Greed, IT Value is Losing Out!

Join author Erik Guldentops as he responds to ISACA member questions beginning 23 April 2012. Add your questions by responding to this post!

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When asked why he was pushing the adoption of COBIT as the IT governance framework for his enterprise, the chief executive officer (CEO) of a large savings bank in Asia reminded me that people are driven by two things: fear and greed! He played upon greed by picturing the value that would be created by adopting the framework, value in which all would share. And, he played upon fear by pointing out that if insufficient value was being created, all would suffer. When thinking about the current economic and financial crisis and its parallels with the risk and value debate in IT governance, I was reminded of this encounter, which happened several years ago. I was especially reminded of the way we usually deal with short- and long-term views.Read the rest of the article
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