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AC3 - Accuracy, Completeness and Authenticity Checks

This topic is intended to enable collaboration and sharing of information to facilitate a better understanding and approach to implementing this COBIT control objective based on the risk, value and guidance provided by its corresponding control practices.

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Accuracy, Completeness and Authenticity Checks

Ensure that transactions are accurate, complete and valid. Validate data that were input, and edit or send back for correction as close to the point of origination as possible.

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Value Drivers

  • Data processing errors efficiently remediated
  • Data accuracy, completeness and validity maintained during processing
  • Uninterrupted transaction processing
  • Segregation of duties for data entry and processing
  Risk Drivers
  • Processing inefficiencies and reworks due to incomplete, invalid or inaccurate data entry
  • Compromised integrity of critical data
  • Data entry errors undetected
  • Unauthorised data entry

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  1. Ensure that transaction data are verified as close to the data entry point as possible and interactively during online sessions. Ensure that transaction data, whether people-generated, system-generated or interfaced inputs, are subject to a variety of controls to check for accuracy, completeness and validity. Wherever possible, do not stop transaction validation after the first error is found. Provide understandable error messages immediately such that they enable efficient remediation.
  2. Implement controls to ensure accuracy, completeness, validity and compliancy to regulatory requirements of data input. Controls may include sequence, limit, range, validity, reasonableness, table look-ups, existence, key verification, check digit, completeness (e.g., total monetary amount, total items, total documents, hash totals), duplicate and logical relationship checks, and time edits. Validation criteria and parameters should be subject to periodic reviews and confirmation.
  3. Establish access control and role and responsibility mechanisms so that only authorised persons input, modify and authorise data.
  4. Define requirements for segregation of duties for entry, modification and authorisation of transaction data as well as for validation rules. Implement automated controls and role and responsibility requirements.
  5. Report transactions failing validation and post them to a suspense file. Report all errors in a timely fashion, and do not delay processing of valid transactions.
  6. Ensure that transactions failing edit and validation routines are subject to appropriate follow-up until errors are remediated. Ensure that information on processing failures is maintained to allow for root cause analysis and help adjust procedures and automated controls.

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Volume 6, 2015
by Ed Gelbstein, Ph.D.
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Volume 5, 2107
by Marianne Bradford, Ph.D., and Dave Henderson, Ph.D.
Although generalized audit software (GAS) has been shown to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of audits, many auditors do not use this technology.
Volume 1, 2018
by Mike Van Stone, CISA, CISSP, CPA, and Ben Halpert
Ever-changing laws continue to increase the risk and cost of noncompliance when unintentional data losses occur.
Volume 1, 2018
GDPR (Regulation [EU] 2016/679) is a regulation by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union.
Volume 1, 2018
by Ian Cooke, CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, COBIT Assessor and Implementer, CFE, CPTE, DipFM, ITIL Foundation, Six Sigma Green Belt
Innovative technologies such as VMs and the cloud help the efficiency and effectiveness of backup and recovery plans, but they do not replace the need to plan, document, or test and test again.
Volume 1, 2018
by Mohammed J. Khan, CISA, CRISC, CIPM
To facilitate and administer the implementation of controls around the subject of big data, one must truly understand the concepts of deidentification, reidentification and anonymization.

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