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AI7.9 - Post-implementation Review

This topic is intended to enable collaboration and sharing of information to facilitate a better understanding and approach to implementing this COBIT control objective based on the risk, value and guidance provided by its corresponding control practices.

COBIT Control Objective AI7.9 - Post-implementation Review is contained within Process Popup Install and Accredit Solutions and Changes.

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Post-implementation Review

Establish procedures in line with the organisational change management standards to require a post-implementation review as set out in the implementation plan.

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Value Drivers

  • An agreed-upon and standardised approach for post-implementation reviews
  • Consistent and transparent review procedure
  • Efficient use of organisational resources
  • Improved end-user satisfaction
  Risk Drivers
  • Failure to identify that systems do not meet end users’ needs
  • Return on investments failing to meet management’s expectations

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  1. Establish procedures to ensure that post-implementation reviews identify, assess and report on the extent to which:
    • Business requirements have been met
    • Expected benefits have been realised
    • The system is considered usable
    • Internal and external stakeholders’ expectations are met
    • Unexpected impacts on the organisation have occurred
    • Key risks are mitigated
    • The change management, installation and accreditation processes were performed effectively and efficiently
  2. Consult business process owners and IT technical management in the choice of metrics for measurement of success and achievement of requirements and benefits.
  3. Ensure that the form of the post-implementation review is in accordance with the organisational change management process. Involve business process owners and third parties, as appropriate.
  4. Consider requirements for post-implementation review arising from outside business and IT (e.g., internal audit, enterprise risk management, regulatory compliance).
  5. Agree on and implement an action plan to address issues identified in the post-implementation review. Involve business process owners and IT technical management in the development of the action plan.

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Hi: For my education and awareness, I am wondering if anyone here could provide some insights based on past experience and knowledge in regards to commercial products (multi-million dollars) such as software applications. Instead of developing from scr...
Wang Thiam (Paul)431 | 6/14/2018 9:37:46 AM | COMMENTS(0)
I am looking for an Audit Program for Post Implementation Reviews.  Any resources available? If there is anything Healthcare-Specific, that would be even better.  Thanks.  Tony
ajbruno | 5/5/2017 2:59:58 PM | COMMENTS(2)
Dear All , could you please provide a version of PIR audit program ?  Best regards.
DONATIEN391 | 5/1/2017 7:06:17 PM | COMMENTS(0)

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