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COBIT 5 - Assessment

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge around COBIT 5 assessment of process capabilities, the degree to which those capabilities are performed, and means or methods by which assessments are performed.

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Dear colleagues: ¿Do you know where can I find published benchmarking reports about process capability assessments of process of COBIT® 5? Particularly I'm interested in Financial sector in Latin America , but in any case I would like to consult assesmet...
FaustoCepeda | 7/29/2016 11:41:48 AM | COMMENTS(0)
Hi there, Anyone in need of a COBIT 5 assessor on a freelance basis, kindly contact me. 
Kessy | 11/25/2015 11:25:46 AM | COMMENTS(1)
Dear Colleagues, Our team is currently conducting a review of our organization's IT Governance processes. The framework we're using for the assessment is COBIT 5. The EDM Audit Assurance Programs have provided comprehensive steps in terms of the assuranc...
krisanguansin | 9/5/2014 6:10:02 AM | COMMENTS(3)

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Posted by ISACA 621 days ago
Cobit Related
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Cobit Related
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Volume 1, 2018
by Joao Souza Neto, Ph.D., CRISC, CGEIT, COBIT Certified Assessor, Rafael Almeida, Pedro Linares Pinto and Miguel Mira da Silva, Ph.D.
The new ISO/IEC 330xx family of standards presents a more detailed and well-defined process assessment model than the older ISO/IEC 15504 family.

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Uma introdução ao COBIT 5, o framework usado para a governança e gestão de TI. Palavras chaves: governança corporativa, governança de TI, gestão de TI, princípios de governança, habilitadores, domínios, COBIT 5, ISACA, BSC, Bala...
Posted By : MarceloFortino | 0 comments
Agile technique in software development has been around for quite some time. There have been efforts to adopt the agile techniques for strategic planning, alignment and execution. Following are some of the relevant articles/blog posts in this area. The to...
Posted By : SA | 0 comments
11 Mar 2014
The concept of three “Value Disciplines” of “Operational Excellence,” “Product Leadership” and “Customer Intimacy” was introduced by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema in 1993. It defines the value creation strategy of the organization. It provides a focus ...
Posted By : SA | 0 comments