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COBIT Focus: A Model Proposal for Organizational Prudence and Wisdom Within Governance of Business and Enterprise IT

The intimidatingly rapid growth of big data in the ever-changing, innovative information technology environment has created challenges for enterprises, such as the optimization of risk, costs and resources to best respond to the requirements of the ecosystem and the needs of stakeholders. Day after day, a new concept, tool, technique, requirement or a paradigm comes into being as a result of new data, information, knowledge and wisdom that are being produced in the global order. Particularly, paradigms such as artificial intelligence (AI), Bitcoin, blockchain, virtual reality,climate change, greenhouse gas emission, immigration, disease, cold war,stakeholder needs, cyber threats, ransomware, the Internet of Things (IoT), industry 4.0, smart specialization and smart cities are some of the main triggers that motivate organizations to take their own stance to best position themselves in a business environment that is highly competitive, innovative and ever-changing.Government agencies are also part of the equation because they are in a definitive role that provides regulations and services to meet needs of citizens, private bodies and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Therefore,all organizations face competition resulting from innovative products,techniques and services that require holistic and integrated business intelligence and wisdom-manufacturing management systems and frameworks.


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