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COBIT Focus - Applying the Goals Cascade to the COBIT 5 Principle Meeting Stakeholder Needs

COBIT® 5 is a renowned best practice framework for governing and managing enterprise information technology. This framework covers the entire enterprise from end to end in terms of processes, organization structures, policies, skills and talent,information, and other enablers, and top to bottom from the board of directors to incident management specialists working in operations. Before an enterprise thinks about implementing COBIT 5, it is necessary to understand the principles that are defined in the framework. During COBIT 5 implementation, the 5 principles act as a guiding light and provide adequate details of what should be done. If an organization wants a successful COBIT 5 implementation, it must first learn and understand the COBIT 5 principles.

This article elaborates on the first principle, Meeting Stakeholder Needs, and illustrates it with real-world examples. 

Meeting Stakeholder Needs—Principle 1

Let us take up the principle from the framework guide and take a close look from top to bottom, as indicated in figure 1. This is the COBIT 5 Goals Cascade,which shows how stakeholder drivers create stakeholder needs, and those needs define the enterprise’s goals. The enterprise goals, in turn, generate IT-related goals, which define the enabler goals. These various components of the cascade must be addressed in order to carry out a successful implementation.


To read the rest of the article here: 

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